Grounds for permentant ban????? really!

OK, everyone gets bad games but a permenant ban for this is kinda silly and unwarranted, just wanted the to hear from the rest of the community! That being said it does not justify me to rage either. thx. Game 1 momofatz: well ty for that ward momofatz: i just wated red momofatz: lagggging momofatz: wow momofatz: wtf momofatz: sooo choppy momofatz: anyone esle? momofatz: oom momofatz: psl momofatz: stop throwing em away momofatz: cant stand this momofatz: iam done have un momofatz: noobs are just too storng momofatz: cant enjoy my fuckin games momofatz: u guys stayed near ur towers i kept pinging baron no one came momofatz: this team has downs nub bot momofatz: every one wants to do there own thing soo best join them momofatz: fuck off momofatz: they dont want to win momofatz: fuckin garbge match system momofatz: do i look noob like this team momofatz: trying to gank me ahahahaahahahahah momofatz: go go minions momofatz: ahahahah momofatz: cant win em all momofatz: sasy the nub kindred momofatz: go learn to adc momofatz: ya i can tell u come on my team cause u need to be carried momofatz: go play with bots first momofatz: / momofatz: ? momofatz: ur the one mad nub Game 2 momofatz: u suck momofatz: go learn to play momofatz: ahahah good comeback yas the nub momofatz: at least i aint garbge momofatz: noob momofatz: ur soo dumb momofatz: omg momofatz: this momofatz: worthless jg and bot momofatz: did nothing momofatz: u must be pre made momofatz: have fun when i leav ur garbge ass momofatz: ya momofatz: cause i gotta carry nubs like u momofatz: dont worry wont happen again momofatz: ur a nub adc momofatz: saved ur ass too many times momofatz: they are pre made daruis dont bother momofatz: i c why they didnt lane toghter casue they are shit and need to be carried
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