Intentionally Griefing Players Ruining This Game

Riot, you have players that are constantly griefing in ranked matches. I am telling you these players are ruining a fantastic game. I can be the nicest person. I can mute players and try to win the game. I can try to give decent advice to a player I thought was new and didn't know how to play. I can try my best to carry a game with my friendly and decent teammates. When I have a teammate playing a vital role that is feeding, not buying a sightstone, calling every single player on her team a retard, and creating drama with even the enemy team, how can I win this match? I guess I should just mute her and move . . . and hope this toxic player gets banned in a year or two. I do not think you understand how ridiculous it is to have a top lane with 6 kills, a mid lane with a decent amount of kills, an ADC that is carrying an intentionally feeding and toxic support, and a JG that is practically on point . . . . to lose a game because our support is toxic, feeding and refusing to buy a sighstone. You tell me how this is completely fair to have these children playing this game and purposely griefing and trying to become the next "Tyler1" so they can have their fame and post all of this on their Youtube or Twitch. You tell the thousands of players that love this, take the time to be friendly and help others, and practice diligently in this game to win matches, gets paired with these toxic and inteionally griefing players. It's not fair. I guess we should just deal with the loss, deal with the toxicity, hope that in a year or two this person gets banned, and continue to expect Riot Games to care about these issues. Toxic and griefing behavior is becoming more rampant over the years.
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