In-Game chat restrictions are unreasonable.

before I start, I know many people will tell me to just mute them, but talking and communication is a huge aspect of the game to me, and it's also why I'm really pissed off about this punishment. I prefer not to mute people because they may still have something to say, e.g callouts. Thankfully I meet more friendly people than toxic people, I would rather not mute anyone nonetheless as even if the conversation is toxic, I still enjoy talking with someone, no matter how bad it is. I have a HUGE problem with how chat restrictions have been treated, I have made numerous reports on people who have been toxic to myself or others. I try my best to avoid taking my anger out on someone, I don't get angry at people for making bad mistakes, as everyone started as noob, unless the begin to blame others. Anyways, I have encountered toxic players who would flame, be racial, even a case where a person started making fun of my country, the people there, and it's culture.. which would be identified as hate speech right? But out of the many reports I made, I have only ONCE receive a message that a person has been punished, unfortunately, it wasn't the person committing hate speech. since when was hate speech more okay than general toxicness? I have copied the message I got from Riot about my chat restriction and I have shortened it down to what MAY of caused it.. However, I don't really feel it's fair. I was the one who was under attack, I was the one who became tilted to the toxicity of others, and on top of all that, I don't think I deserved the ban compared to the things they have said and was never notified of their punishment, if any. In my opinion I think it's stupid to punish flaming, ofcourse it's not a pleasant thing to be a victim of, and not a pleasant thing of being part of, but it's normal, it's the natural human release of anger. Having this sort of thing also causes a dilemma. When a target is being flamed at, the target will also become tilted and in turn flame the other person back, hence they both get punished or the target gets punished and the attacker goes free and vice versa. Toxic behaviour exists in every game, as a CS:GO player, sure that specific match would be tilting but as soon as that game ends and you start another one, you begin to forget about them almost immediately, and best of all, no one is punished, people get mad, some people get mad at the game and blame others, but that's fairly common I'd say, maybe not fair, but understandable. I think this sort of punishment is necessary to counter act things such as racism, hate speech, anti-Semitism etc. but its just ridiculous how narrow the limit is of which you can express your anger or rage, the worst part is, I don't think the other 2 people from my case who started the flaming got any punishments, and they were directing towards me and my family where as I wasn't so where the fuck is the line between being angry and being a complete asshole? If riot wants to prevent or reduce this sort of behaviour then atleast do it more cautiously, realize that it's really easy to tilt someone and force them to take the punishment too. It's human nature to get angry and it's completely normal to become defensive when attacked by someone else. I was rude, won't lie, but I don't think I was as bad as the other 2. if making it fairer (or atleast a lot less strict) can't be done, then maybe limit it to the actually harmful things like telling someone to kill themselves, or racism, anti-semitism, anti-homosexuality/bisexuality/transsexuality etc. Anyways, here's the outlines of the things I've said, I'm not ashamed as it was my anger and frustrations that were stimulated by their toxicity. and besides, I haven't made any direct insults such as calling them bad, or stupid etc. enjoy the shit show and let me know if you think it's fair. "DiViND: noob soraka top" We didn't have a soraka on our team, it was a joke "DiViND: got a fucking problem?" He starts tilting me DiViND: yeah, my problem is you He says "do you?" and I honestly reply it is him, I never said why, but he was being really tilting and unreasonable. DiViND: use your faken brain Again, I said "faken" brain instead of "fucking" brain to know I wasn't being entirely serious. DiViND: "Why didnt you help me fight them"... holy shit Again, he is tilited, I quote him, he made many stupid call-outs and had the audacity to call me useless while he was feeding and I was doing my best to tank and cc as skarner. DiViND: yours is just irritating He called me or my personality funny, he meant it in an insulting way, yet again, I'm just being honest, not name-calling DiViND: I will pray for fucking cancer than get you in any of my ranked games He begins to really bother me, as you can tell by my frustration, I wasn't happy, and basically at this point tried to just defend myself while at the same time, still being honest. Again, haven't called him stupid, idiot etc. etc. This Is probably what may of caused it, however, I don't think I'm directly insulting him, I genuinely did not enjoy playing with him on my team and wish to never meet him in another game again. Although I exaggerated, I never mentioned him getting cancer, or anyone else except myself, I was mean to him, but I don't think this is harmful as I did not directly target a specific part of him. I think my discomfort of having on my team should be evident. DiViND: so immature I tell him he's immature. DiViND: and why you putting your nose into this? some guy ("guy number 2"), probably a friend of his, decides to join our "fun lil convo" DiViND: ironically, no one asked for you to say your opinion.. so stfu plz :) he spams me to stfu.. so in turn, I do it too.. I guess I can see the issue here, but is it really that severe? DiViND: cool.. closest thing you'll get to a woman probably The "guy number 2" starts telling me how he'd fuck my sister and mother. DiViND: go jack yourself off mate DiViND: just so sad sylas.. The "guy number 2" seemed tilted, again, told him to jack off a.k.a jerk off. cuz hey, that relieves stress, and angrily joking. DiViND: parents dont give you enough attention sylas? "guy number 2" who is sylas, continues to tilt me, he was clearly trying to get my attention and since we were losing the game I began enjoying the convo more than us being absolutely destroyed by the enemy team. DiViND: You from Alabama? you're not confusing it with your own sister are you? Hopefully not Kept talking about fucking my sister, His sentence was really poor so I thought i'd play on his words. Do you guys think based on these events the punishment is fair?
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