Ban Appeal and Told to Come Here??

Hello, I had submitted a ticket to contest what I felt like was an unwarranted 2-week suspension, and after failing to resolve the issue was told to come and post here instead. Not sure why I have to publicly shame myself in order to contest a ban, but here's my post I guess: I got a two-week suspension which I don't think was justified, and would like reversed. If a Rioter can DM me I'd like to keep my personal issues off the boards, but if I have to air my dirty laundry here in order to be considered for appeal, then let me know. And no, I'm not not posting my logs here because I assume I'm guilty. I just don't think it should be necessary to share personal issues with a public forum. Thanks for your help. EDIT: Looks like I do need to post my log. It's posted below for those interested.

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