yet another perma riot, FIX YOUR PRE 30 GAME .

i am so sick and tired of this, litterally EVERY, SINGLE, GAME in pre 30, i am getting flamed by at least 2 people in my team every single minute, sometime all 4 people are flaming h24 , and at one point i am so SICK and MAD of this behavior i tell them to kill themself. your system is the dumbest shit ever, 0 context, you get perma harassed all game long , /all chat is a mess, you tell one of these absolute racist nazi garbage person to kys beceause he have been making racist comment every 10 second , even tho you're just trying to play the game, and BOOM you get your first chat ban, 100 game of playing this absolute HELL you get perma . i dont regret telling absolute scumbag that flame from minute 2 to kill themself, you know what, i was actually in a hospital 3 days ago for having slit my wraist, but hey i am not a scumbag harassing people for no reason , give me 4 nice people, no matter their skill beceause for damn sake it's pre level 30 NORMAL GAME , and i will have fun. now, give me instead for 150 game the most toxic of toxic player, and i will be toxic too at one point, you CANT blame me for that, you NEED to stop perma banning account. how can you not understand this, people create new account, and RUIN lvl 1/30 , this is actual hell, you wont have any fun there. and if you think i'm in fact super toxic myself, on some smurf i got honor lvl 3 before even reaching lvl 20 . as i said, give me nice people and i will be nice, but right now lvl 1/30 game are just unbearable. so please you need to stop perma banning and instead do something else idk, or bring back tribunal, no matter how much some people deserve their permaban, all it does is ruining pre 30 game. any of you that are about to downvote me hard, go on, create a new account and try this "new player experience", and you will understand what i mean. I'm sorry that hearing things like "yet again another muslims dog ruining game" followed by 20 minute of racial insult drive me crazy when it happen litterally every game (and i'm not even muslim). If anything recommending suicide for this kind of absolute scumbag should be rewarded with honor rofl. Btw, i got perma but so did the 3 other guy hard flaming (yea, 3 person hard flaming out of 4 player, the last one inting instead. NICE.) as i got the pop up signaling me they were being punished. TDLR : you can't expect people to be nice if you put them with extremely toxic mate every single game from level 1 to level 30, which is like 150 game.
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