Should you be heavily punished for afking when bullied?

Preface: yes i muted chat. Yes i muted pings. I'm talking mostly about actions here. I'm not blaming riot for banning me because an automated system can't detect if a player is getting bullied, it's only a thought experiment. Should a player that has a team flaming, mia, spamming, and target trolling be punished for leaving the game? Or, should a player who afk's from a game that has someone feeding be punished? I'd like to reiterate that this isn't saying how the system SHOULD operate rather, if you were omnipotent and your day job was to dish out punishments, hat would you do about players being bullied in game? Secondary question: If at least 2 or 3 members of your team are raging at you to afk and you do, should you receive a punishment?
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