Riot this is unacceptable im quiting league.

Hi league players, im sorry to say i am done with league. I have recently discovered the problem with league. It is not the flamers, the afk's, the toxic people. To me toxic flamers resemble people that actually care deeply about the game and want to win, i mean that is y they are flaming because they want to win. So riot instead of banning these players y not embrace the fact that you have created a competitive game that people care about and want to play to win. You spend so much time trying to root out bad players that you loose focus on the actually game, (I mean cmon how many seasons 6 and we still only have 2 game modes?) The really problem here is the trigger happy ban people. I was just recently in a game where me and my buddy were ganged up on by 3 other players. They said some names and i was like whatever, nut it persisted so like any human being we stand up for our selves and say stuff back. So we get into game and im leashing for this jax im playing sivir and i start my q. i accidentally through it pout to late and snag the LITTLE ROCK golem and the kid afk rage quits and then comes back and feeds my friends top lane. so teh game goes on and when its done i go to report these players as they go to report me because i guess this is what you do in league when you to babyish to just forget about it and leave it alon we go cry to riot and hit the report button. I didn't get to type a word before a message popped up saying your perm banned from teh game. This is my 4th account. I am utterly disgusted with this system and disgust with the " lame, cry baby" community you embrace riot. YOU embrace this trigger finger ban players and i believe this is the problem with league. Tyler1 a youtuber just got permanently ban forever because he flames and swears. ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIOT YOU GUYS ARE KILLING YOUR BUSINESS. People care about your game and advertise your game to a large audience and you ban them do you guys think? This is unacceptable in my eyes and the fact that you singled out tyler alone and banned him forever is just ridiculous. Grow up riot seriously. This is why im quitting league and i will do anything in my power to not only expose the faults with this game but do everything in my power to bring this game down until the actually issues are addressed. Go follow my youtube channel -Get Fuked GG- (lol that name). teh best part is those kids that flamed and "used offensive language" wont get banned because they were just quicker to the report button. Lol this community just prays and waits to report people that actually show emotion towards the game. This is a joke riot, worst part is i spent money on this monstrosity of a game, only to be banned from 4 accounts. Wheres the refund button, and before some smart butt comments read the players agreement its a joke, relax a little. Thing is when kids would flame me and swear at me i would laugh because it s a game and seriously hes typing it in a chat box if you are actually offended you need to stop your game (actually finish dont afk or u'll be banned for life) and go seek professional help because your insecurity is extremely low and you need professional help. This is a joke riot.
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