Pranks from Family

This is more like a litle rant about something that occurs from me from time to time. So I have this little neighbor of mine who also plays League of legend and we both live rather close-by of each other. Not to mention we sometimes use the same wifi (I thank him for giving me a slightly better internet). However, I tend to listen to him when he tells me not to play on his wifi because, well, work comes first. But there are times he thinks of these little pranks. He deletes my League files thinking doing this prank is always funny due to how "You never get banned, man." Um... excuse me? The moment I'm afk on a match because you deleted some game files, there is a big chance of remake and a report. So you know, I don't want to be mean to him and get him banned, But I don't want to get banned myself as well. So I'm kind of in a double edge sword here. What would you guys suggest so we both don't end up getting banned or low priority? Because i barely go afk. The only time I may appear as afk, is when ping suddenly goes at around 600 ms or higher. Not to mention that when we play in a party, he explains my situation to the allies and enemy team. Edit: I just noticed I wrote family in the tittle. I'm such a genius. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} But then again, I see him like a good cousin or brother. But a rather annoying one at time who enjoys bothering me in the strangest of ways.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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