riot and theft and women

after losing a lawsuit riot then proceeds to not correct its suspenion and reporting button and chat being optional to the point of allowing further discrimination against disabled women who game please note i played a norms one game and in that game i was reported with a 25 chat restrict lets face it no profanity and a whole game where morg rage quit lane on one death she blamed me for this is sad riot needs to have an option where i can remove chat from the interface or a mute all button so i dont have to inconveintly mute everyone individually each and every game phew i cannot show you what the x9 enemy team said as my team was against me and the enemy was too i cant show you how much their logic did not stack up but what is sure is the next lawsuit riot will receiev if it cant put a stop to this i submitted this as a ticket and just what is negativity on your reform card well whos to say riot has a micromanaging issue like a toxic boyfriend and the abuse against women hasnt stopped with one lawsuit its ingrained in their culture in the bro culture i see alot of guy supports die once in the first few minutes but if they find out your a girl they will rage quit your lane leave and then your 1v2 which your guna die no mattter how good you are get ganked snowball feed and then they rage flame you and yeah forget it you get reported and riot will turn around and say did you mute them well riot whats the point of a team game if your guna play in silence and not be a team member and contribute sound logical chat Game 1 In-Game RikutoXÍ: MY FPS IS SO HIGH MY SCREEN GLITCHES RikutoXÍ: 487 RikutoXÍ: ur reported jungler RikutoXÍ: xayah is at 10 percent enjoy report ekko RikutoXÍ: a free kill and ekko wont gank RikutoXÍ: so am i RikutoXÍ: if ekko wont gank its over RikutoXÍ: why doesnt jungle gank bot like they used to in season 4 RikutoXÍ: this is why riot lost a class action lawsuit RikutoXÍ: as a women ur being toxic to me RikutoXÍ: riot can get sued for allowing you to bully me RikutoXÍ: us women won one court case RikutoXÍ: and riot is not above getting dragged into court RikutoXÍ: ur a woman hater RikutoXÍ: ima report you for being discrimiatinfg against women RikutoXÍ: my support is upset im a girl gamer and is flaming me RikutoXÍ: no wonder girls dont play this game riot discrimantes and allows u to flame and bully us girl gamers RikutoXÍ: its sad my team is flaming me for being a girl i died once and morg rage quit RikutoXÍ: please report morg RikutoXÍ: i have no support and ulted to wave cleart and my summs arne t an excuse to flame im silver elo RikutoXÍ: guess everybody is against me whatever ill win next game RikutoXÍ: calling me a degenerate okay bcuz riot is okay with that RikutoXÍ: im so held back this game im so much stronger than this RikutoXÍ: ill come back late game RikutoXÍ: thats whhat you want every1 to belive but im better thaan you morg RikutoXÍ: bcuz if i come back everyone will relize ur being a meanie RikutoXÍ: I HAVE HAD NO SUPPORT ALL GAME YOU RAGE QUIT MY LANE KID RikutoXÍ: TO GET VISION RikutoXÍ: UR SO RTOXIC RikutoXÍ: I WENT FOR SCUTTLE SHOWS HOW MUCH YOU CAN PAY ATT TO MAP RikutoXÍ: we got this RikutoXÍ: nah RikutoXÍ: we got this so if you think riot needs another lawsuit tell me your thoughts on riot theft and women{{champion:103}}
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