A game isn't fair if someone afk's/dc's

I don't care what point in time someone afk'd or dc'd, it's still not fair. I just lost a game because our top laner at first refused to group, even though each lane was ahead and we could have ended. Fast forward 13 minutes and the top laner still refuses to group and want's to 1v5 the enemy team has made a comeback. A short while later we're able to open 2 inhibitors while our top finally saw we needed to group. Well after the enemy team got baron because our top laner decided to go into the enemy jungle he went afk. We got the enemy team down to 1 nexus turret but were unable to end because again, we lost our top laner. Now you tell me which team actually deserved to win. The team that worked together for 15 minutes after the top laner afk'd and nearly ended a 4v5, or the team that had the ability to get kills and farm because one person didn't want to end. At least make it so we lose less LP. Nothing is more depressing than games like that.
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