Banned for standing up against a troll.

I've had it with this league of legend punishment system that detects the slightest bit of toxicity & punishes it but lets trolls do whatever the hell they want. Today, I was banned for standing up against a troll. He was going to play Rengar Jungle, but saw our top laner picked blitzcrank. He then said "I've had it with these non-viable picks, I'm going to troll now." He picks teemo and takes ghost/cleanse. He runs down my lane (mid lane) and sits in the middle of it for 10 minutes taking XP, before walking up to my laner and dying multiple times. Yes, I was mad, tilted, and toxic towards him. So was my whole team. I didn't make any personal attacks towards him or anything, but I did tell the enemy to report him numerous times because I've genuinely had it it with him at that point. 5 minutes after the game ends and I get a punishment for 'toxicity'. So I ask you this: Why do you punish people who get mad at trolls, but do nothing to punish trolls themselves? I've submitted a report ticket twice against this person (I've played with him last week). So has my whole team. we've provided screenshots & everything but it clearly isn't enough for riot. You're ruining your game, I hope you see that. Game 1 tieger05: gg tieger05: report teemo please tieger05: y are you doing this tieger05: ffs tieger05: he's goin to take my lane xp tieger05: are you fuckin serious tieger05: this is why you're hardstuck silver tieger05: MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE UR THE TROLL IN AL L5 GAMES tieger05: why not just dodge??? tieger05: yeah he's getting permabanned for sure lol tieger05: because im in promos tieger05: i cant dodge tieger05: teemo tieger05: if ur mad at tieger05: if ur mad at blitz why not just go top tieger05: ffs tieger05: go play norms... tieger05: "trolls" tieger05: blitz is winning lane tieger05: idiot tieger05: gg tieger05: report this idiot please tieger05: btw you're not gonna be learning a new role anymore tieger05: ur getting permabanned tieger05: im writing a riot support ticket after this tieger05: dont lie idiot tieger05: ive been banned before tieger05: what a sad liar tieger05: trist he's trying to stop us from reporting him tieger05: cuz he knows he's geting perma banned tieger05: can we report him? tieger05: ... tieger05: look at his build tieger05: oh save it tieger05: you already admit to trolling tieger05: he's getting a perma dont worry tieger05: then leave? tieger05: i might aswell die tieger05: 400dmg tieger05: gg tieger05: teemo was initially gonna pick rengar tieger05: when he saw blitz top he said "gg fuck this im trolling" tieger05: it's so sad tieger05: now he's begging us not to report him tieger05: save it thresh tieger05: just tieger05: fuckin ff tieger05: enjoying your last game on league? tieger05: teemo tieger05: u dont lose more lp for ff tieger05: im going to end it all tieger05: wtf? tieger05: didnt know yi was a burst mage tieger05: oh well tieger05: i also didnt know 4 yr olds played this game but here teemo is tieger05: because im not playing teemo jg with ghost and cleanse tieger05: idiot tieger05: he sat in my lane for 6 levels and took my xp tieger05: kk tieger05: muted both tieger05: let them end trist

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