Should the Team that had an AFK in their team Lose LP?

We've all been there, time and time again. There's been 7 seasons.. Granted everyone has DC'd at least once in their lives. But I personally believe that if there's a ranked game the enemy team or ally team should not lose LP because one, two, three person(s) deciding to DC or AFK because they were "tilted". Granted this is the game. But its so annoying when you're trying to gain LP, but that ONE person ruins it for everyone and forces a surrender vote. Granted maybe we wouldn't have won that game in the first place, but there was a higher chance that we could have. What I'm trying to say Riot, is that it's such BS that i have to lose LP because someone's computer on my team can't run the game. Whats the point of playing ranked if this happens so frequently.
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