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So today in ranked i was playing top lane Yorick against a Rumble right? well it was all looking good until our support started flaming our ADC for one death. He decides to get so upset at this that he was gonna troll me the whole game FOR NO REASON and he legit runs it down my lane twice giving my enemy top laner 3 levels higher then me making it to wear if i even show up in lane I'm either dead or living with 1 hp. Of course i got a little upset cause i just got in my promo's and needed only one more win to see where i go and so i may have used some words that sure are a reportable offense but how come the 0/16 support that ran it down on MY LANE 3 times afk farmed MY LANE the whole game was flaming everyone saying kys and all that bad stuff gets praised but when i simply say my games ruined why are you in my lane leave my lane please ff we dont win and all that not so toxic stuff i get punished and banned from texting in chat for 9 games.... makes no sense at all. You dont believe me? here are copied chat logs that riot oh so kindly gave me that they in their own words said "Was not sportsmen like" (some of the chat near the end was me talking to the toxic enemy team that where saying stuff like Please FF already and bruh you guys suck ass and their yasuo main said kys) In-Game ZroSlash: kayn starts birds anywayd ZroSlash: ZILEAN GO BACK BOT ZroSlash: go back bot ZroSlash: why are you gonna int my lanwe ZroSlash: reported ZroSlash: your i8nting ZroSlash: im in promos ZroSlash: bruh ZroSlash: we mine as well ff ZroSlash: its laways bot lane shit ZroSlash: WTF ZIL ZroSlash: wow ZroSlash: dude ZroSlash: bruh ZroSlash: report zil please ZroSlash: for trolling ZroSlash: thanks zil ZroSlash: please ZroSlash: i dont wanna be in a ranked game with a troll ZroSlash: he ruined my cs and kd and everything ZroSlash: ... ZroSlash: he sits back and laughs ZroSlash: while we die ZroSlash: see ZroSlash: nothing' ZroSlash: DOES IT MATTER ZroSlash: HOW CAN I ZroSlash: top lanes yours ZroSlash: have fun ZroSlash: wow ZroSlash: ok ZroSlash: i cant even do anything' ZroSlash: zil legit fucked my game up ZroSlash: i just lost my promo\ ZroSlash: dude ZroSlash: im actually fucking mad ZroSlash: i was having such a good fucking day in ranked ZroSlash: yes ZroSlash: we are trying to ZroSlash: but zil is a troll ZroSlash: report him please ZroSlash: for the love of god\ ZroSlash: CAUSE HE WAS IN MY FUCKING LANE ZroSlash: withoutnhim ZroSlash: uh yeah ZroSlash: mno ZroSlash: no ZroSlash: im ZroSlash: i would have been fine ZroSlash: if not bot would have carried ZroSlash: STFU ZroSlash: NOT MY GOD DAMN FAULT ZroSlash: so its instantly my fault we got zil a troll ZroSlash: in my lane ZroSlash: he throws my game and im blamed ZroSlash: no ZroSlash: he is worse ZroSlash: he fed top laner and others ZroSlash: stole top lane cs so i couldnt farm right ZroSlash: and WATCHES ME DIE ZroSlash: sorry do you got a support top? ZroSlash: oh no ZroSlash: then stfu ZroSlash: great ZroSlash: im not focused ZroSlash: my head is spinning and i cant even think right' ZroSlash: please ff ZroSlash: we dont win at all Post-Game ZroSlash: yeah whatever

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