I think that Punishments should be dealt with when they happen, like how the BattleEye does in R6S

In Rainbow6 siege , if you are to break the rules, such as using racial slurs or language that is racially/sexually offensive, i believe you should be disconnected from the game immediately and put on a a competitive Cool down, or a normal cool down, depending on the mode the punishment was given in. I understand the punishment could be dodged by switching accounts, but i feel like if someone we're to say the N word, or call someone a flaming F#@&#@ then they should be removed with the use of a league of legends version of the Battle eye that records and looks after in game chat. of course it would include short forms for slurs or look-sound alikes such as n-word, or f-word slang for homosexuals** but there would be a list of terms that would be able to be seen from anyone that players would know if they said or called another player them in the chat that they would get punished immediately and removed from the game. I understand that it may also provoke unlawful uses of the L-EagleEye, and cause matches to be even possible thrown purposely, but for those keyboard warriors that like to flame their team mates with very abrasive and racist/sexual remarks, would be taken care of quite effectively, knowing even if their team can pull the 4 v 5 win, they should be marked for the L and the -LP accordingly (in case of ranked) im unsure of how riot would go about it and there would probably have to be a few iterations of it released, but i feel it would improve the game, so not every game from lvls 1-30 for leveling or even in every ranked game, doesn't have that one guy who just flames and makes rude remarks without reason or without cause. and also this wouldn't be for all flame, like you can call someone dumb, or say a play was a bad play or things like that, thats in game banter, it happens between friends, enemies, team mates alike, but this sort of instantaneous removal would be for the real sharp and offensive language such as things stated above like racial slurs and things like that. Again, unsure, was just a thought that came to my mind when i watched somebody in R6S get immediately removed from the team because they called one of the enemies a N--word, and the instant justice felt good to see. made the rest of the game more enjoyable without that guy saying such things to his teammates and in all chat, especially with me leveling a new account and going through the levels and it being full of people saying horrible things, i get feeders and inters getting called idiots, but when you are in a blind, call a lane, and then get called every racial slur under the sun for getting to a pick before someone else, its uncalled for, and i think this sort of instant security would help deal with such things, and since it would be automated, it would also reduce the stress on say the report bots and player assisted ticket serving. {{sticker:sg-jinx}} ~Karnifacts {{champion:29}}
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