@riot Your player behaviour system is a joke

Afking, inting, trolling, boosted accounts all no problem for our very competitive esports. God beware you talk to your teammates tho instant two weeks ban. Like i understand suspensions for racism, death threats and shit but when 95% of your comms are trashtalk or actually talking to your teammates like "why didnt u do x/y" i really lose any fun of playing this game. If it is supposed to be competitive it is also going to be intense even in language. If we take your bar to literally any other "real" sport out there noone would be playing anymore because they would all be banned. Besides not even mentioning those are real people insulting each other. This crusade you have against anyone that actively uses chat is insane. Oh god he said "retard" or "moron" quick ban him!!! But when i actually and this is something i did intfeed and TELL PEOPLE IM GOING TO INT nothing happens. Afking three games in a row? Doesn't matter. Not even leaverbuster. But dear god he called people "retard, trash, moron" that could hurt someones feelings. And i know this will be downvoted cuz the community changed, a lot. From competitive skilled tryhard players to special little snowflakes that will waste your time in ranked "to have fun". How can i have fun when i'm trapped with the 0/10 vayne just having fun running it down? Refusing any surrender with his premade to have some more "fun". Or am i having fun with the vi that calls me a retard but actually wins the game in 20 mins who i can just mute and focus? And honestly the two weeks ban doesn't really bother me. I have other games i ain't playing league as much as i used to. Cut my playtime down to more than half and i still have other accounts to play on. It is something that really bothers me in general that there is no talk about this beyond "well chat is easy to detect yadayada" but at what point does it get ridiculous to throw out such harsh punishment for some trashtalk? But at the same time you can ruin as many games as you want and never get punished? And this is something that gets me the most: ATLEAST YOU CAN MUTE ME I CANNOT UNFEED THE FOR FUN PLAYER. I CANNOT GET THE AFK TO KEEP PLAYING. Get your shit together riot. Don't try to sell this garbage as a COMPETITIVE SPORT when you: -give no shit about boosted and bought accounts -give no shit about people actively ruining games -horrendous gameplay/balance -any competitive attitude gets immediately punished Gimme back the old riot that cared about me having fun with their game. i don't like this new riot that just wants to sell a shell of what league was as something it isn't. As this polished kids friendly high skill competitive game because it isn't. And mind you when i played in season 1-5 i had a punishment like every week on another account but back then i was actually hard flaming every game with death threats, racism and other stuff. Now you call someone a retard every two games and get an instant two weeks ban. Nicue.

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