Perm banned first account discipline?

I'm not sure if I had a chat restriction or ban I do know that if I did it has been years and I can't remember those details. Anyways here is the logs this a perm ban with no prior warnings of chat ban or 3 day ban or 14 day ban? Game 1 the jax fed on purpose and trolled we were doing rift it had 8000+ hp top came down I ulted him as fiddle and jax used his stun etc on rift waited for me to die then rammed himself into the top to feed as he was intentionally feeding the whole game. Game 2. I was getting verbally abused sworn at insulted etc all game. Game 1 Pre-Game urownstupidity: I've lost 7 in a row not sure how to win anymore urownstupidity: i'm always losing at least by 15 kills by the time I hit level 6 then my team tells me shitting jungler urownstupidity: it's been over like 7 days urownstupidity: fiddle sticks is a lvl 6 ganker primarly and counter jungler I explain this to them if they dont feed until im 6 its free win but they just feed urownstupidity: so can u guys plz feed urownstupidity: I want to get demoted urownstupidity: so I can qq harder urownstupidity: I already bashed my monitor with my keyboard over and over urownstupidity: i had a spare tho In-Game urownstupidity: im not really tiled urownstupidity: tilted I just like complaining urownstupidity: I LOVE DELICIOUS LOSING STREAKS urownstupidity: i play poker for a living I know all about variance while playing well urownstupidity: that was for fun urownstupidity: u ever hit a monitor with your keyboard over and over 2 handed? urownstupidity: it's better then yoga urownstupidity: 1v1 bitch urownstupidity: wow u ran urownstupidity: no leash what trash elo am I in urownstupidity: report feeder urownstupidity: shut your mouth MF look how bad you are urownstupidity: no leash im behind urownstupidity: uncontronollable feeder top urownstupidity: great urownstupidity: stop feeding during lane phase urownstupidity: feeding trash urownstupidity: why are u afk during a gank: urownstupidity: report this troll urownstupidity: twitch coming urownstupidity: whjy did u stun the rift harold urownstupidity: then ram urself into him and feed? urownstupidity: jax ignored me untting him and used all his abislitys on rift whichw as at 8k hp urownstupidity: then rammmed himself into him and fed urownstupidity: jax counters tryend let him 1v1 him urownstupidity: were losing because hes a troll urownstupidity: hes been feeding and trolling all game urownstupidity: hes so good at this game urownstupidity: yes plz and its like 8 urownstupidity: why did u ult the tryend who was dead 100%? urownstupidity: good play jax Post-Game urownstupidity: yeah jax trolling and feeding urownstupidity: pathetic that jax trolls and feeds on purpose in a ranked game urownstupidity: absolutely pathetric urownstupidity: pathetic feeders every game urownstupidity: you're trash you ult a tryend with his ult down surrended urownstupidity: with 100 hp no e or r urownstupidity: then we lose team fight because you did that urownstupidity: ur fucking trash Game 2 Pre-Game urownstupidity: HI FEEDING TRASH urownstupidity: it's time to smoke weed and feed and I'm all outa weed. urownstupidity: NEED A CC TANK TOP urownstupidity: GREAT CHOICE TEEMO urownstupidity: JUST WHAT WE NEEDED urownstupidity: great pick teemo In-Game urownstupidity: i hacked him urownstupidity: raaage quit urownstupidity: how did he hit 6 before me ahnld i stole hallf his jungle urownstupidity: fukcing hacker urownstupidity: TEEMO TOP 5th PICK OP urownstupidity: teemo so stronk urownstupidity: im so glad we have a 5th pick teemo on our team urownstupidity: reported verbala buse urownstupidity: enjoy ban urownstupidity: dont verbal abuse me urownstupidity: reported. urownstupidity: guys with this amount of teemo dps per 5v5 urownstupidity: we shouldn't be losing urownstupidity: nice peel off baron urownstupidity: so keep doing it and let them have uit urownstupidity: teemo so good urownstupidity: why did teemo back off urownstupidity: he was first in Post-Game urownstupidity: they are mad because im saying no way we should have lost with that much teemp dps urownstupidity: in team fights urownstupidity: he countered your whole team with that 5th pick teemo and we let him down urownstupidity: report her for verbal abuse urownstupidity: verbal abuse enjoy ban urownstupidity: next time don't QQ it's only a game urownstupidity: :)
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