Does misspelling something allow players to slip by punishment detection system?

I have had a number of games recently were people said things I know are on the automatic ban list, such as "aut" for autistic, "niger" for %%%%%% etc. Every time this happens both teams report the player, but i have been checking up on a few of these players via to see if they were banned and in every case they have not been. I would be able to see a gap in days where games were played, also no notice from the client either. People willing to say those things in chat don't just do it once, they are almost always repeat offenders, so how are they getting away with saying stuff like that. My question, and suspicion, is that the automated system that scans through chat logs when someone is reported is not finding anything because the words are being misspelled? Is that way off or could i be right? THoughts?
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