Unfair Chat Restriction

Okay, so this Kayn was on the other team, and I was playing Jax, I got some good early game ganks, but whenever I'd try and gank mid kayn would be there, not in bushes, but in lane. I tried to gank then thinking it wouldn't matter because I had more cc and kills than him, and our mids were even. But somehow he managed to kill me, and he stayed there. So later on I tried again. Then their Lucian showed up and I got f'd. But basically somehow the kayn got fed. So me AND my mid laner asked him why he was camping mid. The Kayn immediately started flaming all of us, then somehow got his entire team to follow me through jungle the whole game. I stayed pretty much calm, but when I found out that while their whole team is on me, my laners are simply sitting there farming instead of putting on pressure, while I am only level 34 I shouldn't expect much, but still, and meanwhile the Kayn is flaming me sooooo much. I got mad and told him to 1v1 me, and in lobby he flamed me more saying I was bad and would lose, then when I beat him in a 1v1, he got rllllllyy pissed. Then he reported me in game for retaliating and since I was honor level 0 I got chat banned FOR 25 GAMES... Here's the chat. I do understand that I was toxic, but if yall saw the things Kayn was saying, my logs would look like "GG love you all, add me I love this game" Game 1 Pre-Game TheDarkerTaco: glhf <3 In-Game TheDarkerTaco: ward blue TheDarkerTaco: plz TheDarkerTaco: nj TheDarkerTaco: worth?? TheDarkerTaco: kayns at half lol TheDarkerTaco: now how got the flash? TheDarkerTaco: who* xD TheDarkerTaco: wow sure yall needed full team for that one TheDarkerTaco: OoOoOoH scary jax TheDarkerTaco: VLAD TheDarkerTaco: ur screwed TheDarkerTaco: still worth m8 TheDarkerTaco: but all of your laners are lol TheDarkerTaco: yall keep leaving lane TheDarkerTaco: yeah cuz idfk what my team is doing TheDarkerTaco: but look at ur jglr lol TheDarkerTaco: nah my computer sux TheDarkerTaco: legit spamming q while in range dont fuqin know why it didnt go out TheDarkerTaco: kayn dont tell me about skill when u are living in mid TheDarkerTaco: called countering TheDarkerTaco: yeah, youve ulted like fuckin 9 times this game TheDarkerTaco: xd hello again kayn lol TheDarkerTaco: duo midding? TheDarkerTaco: nice TheDarkerTaco: yup xD TheDarkerTaco: he thinks hes jg TheDarkerTaco: go die TheDarkerTaco: yup TheDarkerTaco: but simply cuz u r camping mid and giving him kills m8 TheDarkerTaco: help the rest of your team m8 TheDarkerTaco: first time jg? TheDarkerTaco: u couldve killed him TheDarkerTaco: fed vlad ;) TheDarkerTaco: lucian r u a fuckin bot? worst roast ive ever heard TheDarkerTaco: OMFG WHY TheDarkerTaco: i legit getting blue TheDarkerTaco: and u feel the need to bring yas? TheDarkerTaco: <3 TheDarkerTaco: k is my bottom bots? TheDarkerTaco: morganas breaking a ward, and i go in and they sit tower TheDarkerTaco: guys just hold lanes TheDarkerTaco: once its late game ill pull my weight promise TheDarkerTaco: omfg TheDarkerTaco: BOT TheDarkerTaco: LUCIANS NEVER THERE TheDarkerTaco: AND YET U HAVENT HIT TURRET ONCE TheDarkerTaco: ? TheDarkerTaco: ive learned all i can from u TheDarkerTaco: sit mid get fed THEN start jungling TheDarkerTaco: doesnt seem like an actual jungler TheDarkerTaco: jayce wtf r u doing TheDarkerTaco: he ulted me he didnt run TheDarkerTaco: i died m8 TheDarkerTaco: jayce afk report TheDarkerTaco: thats fair. but wont work cuz it wasnt intentional TheDarkerTaco: im just straight up trash TheDarkerTaco: nah TheDarkerTaco: im just bad TheDarkerTaco: when u get a terrible start it happens TheDarkerTaco: not like my bottom was doing anything TheDarkerTaco: lucian was gone all game and u didnt hit tower once TheDarkerTaco: so whos the one thats trolling TheDarkerTaco: not like morgana could kill u both TheDarkerTaco: jayce is inting TheDarkerTaco: hes running it down mid dont kill him TheDarkerTaco: kayn 1v1 me TheDarkerTaco: kayn 1v1 me m8 TheDarkerTaco: i gauruntee without yasuo u wont be able to do shit on me TheDarkerTaco: cuz ur scared? :) Post-Game TheDarkerTaco: i sent u a request m8
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