IP Banning for Smurfs

I'm actually unsure about if / when this was suggested before, but I don't see any so I'll ask again. So first thing's first, I don't have anything against having smurfs to play things off-role or such. But what I do have a problem with is when players have smurfs just to screw with players in ranked, recently I played with a dude that decided to int feed for the sole reason that I picked kayn, giving no shits since apparently his account was a smurf. That guy will prob go and ruin at least a few more games before he gets banned, and then he'd still have his main account apparently. People should be actually punished for ruining fun play on all their accounts instead of being about to screw people over without caring about consequences. So just wondering why there isn't IP bans, at least for perm bans, like what Overwatch does, and that's a paid game.
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