So I'm a college student at CMU, I'm 20 years old, and I enjoy playing league when I have the time. I play to relieve stress but recently its been anything but relaxing. In ever single game there is arguing. People personally insulting other players without even knowing them. How can someone say, "your a fucking dike go hang yourself" and feel good about themselves. I don't know how this problem can be fixed but I think it can start if riot penalizes extremely harsh players more. Honestly I thought this was a team game, but its really just a way for angry people to insult and make other people feel bad. Bottom line people, this is a game! But video games are the only game where someone can tell someone to commit suicide behind the comfort of their screen. Player that caused me to write this: eternallearning Please share your experiences and include the name of the summoner who is ruining the game for everyone :)

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