For all my brothers and sisters out there..

All of us did wrong things in our life and in game, all of us has once be toxic. ban or no ban, you grow up, you be better, you will learn how to manage things in your life. i'v never got ban in my life, but i have been toxic sometimes for whatever reason, it is not okay. put your best friend in 14 days ban situation (if he/she even deserves it) i pet you will be sad even a little. Tl:dr :).. community should be telling of why you got your ban just like most of mods out there, they are more (forgiving). but not of why you was dirty little toxic boy, Tl:dr not for putting the oil on the fire. i understand some of the banned people are really annoying, just don't fight the people not all of them are coming to boards to learn how things going on. Live your life fully (no hate) best community and (best game)..
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