Why is a ban an appropriate punishment for justified toxicity?

Why can I get temp-banned for being toxic to a pair of my teammates whose understanding of the game is so shallow that they think that because I went 5/11 (1v3 in lane vs mid, jg, and top, WHILE SHITTING ON *MY* LANER, and almost half of my teammates are sitting and watching it happen,) while having 20 more cs than the two of them, and an overall better score than one of them, and 4k more damage than the other, I'm somehow the bad player on the team, whereas the mid lane, who literally admitted that he was deliberately throwing the game (not pinging his laner being MIA, or responding in any way whatsoever), LOST his lane while his laner spent more time at top than at mid, and the jungler didn't help take any objectives along the map while the jungler and the mid laner sat in my top lane, were absolutely and 100% fine, according to Riot ("Braindead Scumfux") Video Games, and why was I banned for ostensibly justified toxicity, in response to two of my teammates deliberately trolling and being just as toxic, if not moreso in their ACTIONS, if not necessarily their words? Fix this fucking bullshit, Riot. Because there's absolutely no excuse.
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