Permanently Banned for bad game and I wasn't even the one who initiated

I was permanently banned for one bad game on League of legends, I just don't get this game. This game is not a friendly environment and its so unfair, I started the game with play Ashe as a support, we were winning Bot Lane and the Top Laner and Jungler constantly spam to report me (they were losing their lanes). We got 0 ganks at all, have Riot become so sensitive they would banned everyone for over the smallest things. I won't be playing this game again, Ive spent over 2k in euros on skins, champions and wards etc. just to have my account banned over one bad game. Ive lost over 3 accounts in 1 year, I don't see the point in playing a game where we are banned permanently just like that. Ive been harassed throughout the game and me defending my own rights gets me banned permanently. I won't be coming back ever to this game, the owners are bunch of sensitive libs and they clearly have the wrong mindset to create a better game environment, all they know is the ban button. One game got be permanently banned. _Game 1 Pre-Game YouCanBeSaved: nah its good In-Game YouCanBeSaved: im support YouCanBeSaved: i have only slow and ult YouCanBeSaved: its not trollo YouCanBeSaved: how is it troll when I play her YouCanBeSaved: wtf YouCanBeSaved: we got 2 ganks YouCanBeSaved: report olas YouCanBeSaved: we were winning u r%%%%% YouCanBe%%%%%: we win the lane and he wont gank YouCanBeSaved: report this YouCanBeSaved: ur not even good olaf YouCanBeSaved: the only troll here is this olaf YouCanBeSaved: bye then YouCanBeSaved: olaf you lost this on your own troll YouCanBeSaved: stfu troll olaf YouCanBeSaved: learn how to jungle YouCanBeSaved: we were winning tard YouCanBeSaved: we got lgank 3 times YouCanBeSaved: whiel u sleep afk in jungle YouCanBeSaved: noob YouCanBeSaved: you cant report me for losing ur lane/ YouCanBeSaved: and that olaf run pass and let us die he doesnt deserve win YouCanBeSaved: you flamed too YouCanBeSaved: cant believe we lose because of this jungler YouCanBeSaved: thanks olly Post-Game YouCanBeSaved: that toxic olaf_
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