so toxic.

Game 1 In-Game MinorityPharaoh: the MinorityPharaoh: f MinorityPharaoh: gg MinorityPharaoh: go net MinorityPharaoh: this bot lane MinorityPharaoh: is MinorityPharaoh: :D MinorityPharaoh: doesnt use my lvl 2 presure MinorityPharaoh: i legit MinorityPharaoh: wanted gank bot MinorityPharaoh: u guys MinorityPharaoh: got no MinorityPharaoh: responds MinorityPharaoh: lmao MinorityPharaoh: im out MinorityPharaoh: guys MinorityPharaoh: good luck MinorityPharaoh: nextgame MinorityPharaoh: gonan play osrs MinorityPharaoh: palying with bots MinorityPharaoh: bot MinorityPharaoh: justu k now MinorityPharaoh: iwont go bot MinorityPharaoh: all game MinorityPharaoh: also MinorityPharaoh: fullmuted bot MinorityPharaoh: too bad MinorityPharaoh: we lose MinorityPharaoh: now MinorityPharaoh: idc MinorityPharaoh: they dont deserve MinorityPharaoh: me trying MinorityPharaoh: walking zombies MinorityPharaoh: i might just let my emotion get the best ofm e MinorityPharaoh: today MinorityPharaoh: call it MinorityPharaoh: tonight MinorityPharaoh: see ya MinorityPharaoh: bye MinorityPharaoh: nvm MinorityPharaoh: lets wait till 15 MinorityPharaoh: lb MinorityPharaoh: dont go top MinorityPharaoh: lmfao MinorityPharaoh: this garen went cloth armor MinorityPharaoh: firsti tme MinorityPharaoh: item MinorityPharaoh: psycopath MinorityPharaoh: lulu MinorityPharaoh: ;D MinorityPharaoh: lulu goona lose plat promo MinorityPharaoh: poor guy MinorityPharaoh: well deserved MinorityPharaoh: garen MinorityPharaoh: palt4 MinorityPharaoh: dogsht MinorityPharaoh: player MinorityPharaoh: so glad MinorityPharaoh: better jg wins MinorityPharaoh: but i wont win this one MinorityPharaoh: 20% winrate MinorityPharaoh: lb MinorityPharaoh: lb MinorityPharaoh: good luck MinorityPharaoh: nextgame MinorityPharaoh: mabye better jgler will carry u MinorityPharaoh: actural MinorityPharaoh: dog MinorityPharaoh: xd MinorityPharaoh: LOL MinorityPharaoh: open MinorityPharaoh: open mid MinorityPharaoh: sivir MinorityPharaoh: just watched me MinorityPharaoh: die MinorityPharaoh: without autoing MinorityPharaoh: sorry guyys MinorityPharaoh: ur not winning this one MinorityPharaoh: when sivir watch me die MinorityPharaoh: without autoing back MinorityPharaoh: is the momment MinorityPharaoh: i lost MinorityPharaoh: intrest MinorityPharaoh: thsi game MinorityPharaoh: coinflip MinorityPharaoh: better jg wins MinorityPharaoh: mabye if i get luck nextgame MinorityPharaoh: LOL elise talking like she was useful MinorityPharaoh: LMAOI! MinorityPharaoh: i get it elise MinorityPharaoh: u got a free win MinorityPharaoh: ur happy MinorityPharaoh: but u dont have to be delousional MinorityPharaoh: TRUEEEEEE MinorityPharaoh: garen started with cloth armor MinorityPharaoh: xd MinorityPharaoh: lulu u dont deserve this win MinorityPharaoh: or next game MinorityPharaoh: when i gank bot lvl 2 MinorityPharaoh: when our bot laners MinorityPharaoh: just stood still MinorityPharaoh: went ot lane MinorityPharaoh: game cwas over MinorityPharaoh: 2nd gank bot MinorityPharaoh: sivir watched me die MinorityPharaoh: without auto trade back MinorityPharaoh: they want to win? MinorityPharaoh: HELL NA MinorityPharaoh: i wonder MinorityPharaoh: why MinorityPharaoh: jsuyt do baron MinorityPharaoh: lol MinorityPharaoh: idk why ytall trying this hard MinorityPharaoh: was a easy game MinorityPharaoh: too bad MinorityPharaoh: do baron and end MinorityPharaoh: pls MinorityPharaoh: cant MinorityPharaoh: ur getting a free win MinorityPharaoh: yet ur MinorityPharaoh: bragging? MinorityPharaoh: surethign MinorityPharaoh: i did? MinorityPharaoh: tell me my win condition MinorityPharaoh: tell me MinorityPharaoh: whats the win cond MinorityPharaoh: lol Post-Game MinorityPharaoh: what goes around comes around karma MinorityPharaoh: u will get yours MinorityPharaoh: dont worry MinorityPharaoh: karma dont worry one day your moral compass will kick in MinorityPharaoh: is the day u realize MinorityPharaoh: what kind of person you are MinorityPharaoh: is nice to stand back put salt on people wounds MinorityPharaoh: when im the victim Game 2 Pre-Game MinorityPharaoh: sivir MinorityPharaoh: smurf MinorityPharaoh: or 1trick MinorityPharaoh: nice winrate MinorityPharaoh: but u dont pop off MinorityPharaoh: coinflip game is strong MinorityPharaoh: u needa teach me MinorityPharaoh: no worries MinorityPharaoh: me nither MinorityPharaoh: is ok MinorityPharaoh: i feel a little heartburnt MinorityPharaoh: D; MinorityPharaoh: they have reksai MinorityPharaoh: lets abuse him early MinorityPharaoh: nvm MinorityPharaoh: no laner has piro In-Game MinorityPharaoh: ward topriver1:20 pls kass ty MinorityPharaoh: is ok MinorityPharaoh: u be suprised MinorityPharaoh: how many times i beg players to ward MinorityPharaoh: they still dont MinorityPharaoh: im not worryed MinorityPharaoh: well MinorityPharaoh: reksai top MinorityPharaoh: riven n oflash MinorityPharaoh: lol MinorityPharaoh: my b MinorityPharaoh: im behide MinorityPharaoh: camile MinorityPharaoh: what MinorityPharaoh: are u doing bro MinorityPharaoh: ???? MinorityPharaoh: camile MinorityPharaoh: LOL MinorityPharaoh: camile MinorityPharaoh: U HAD PIRO MinorityPharaoh: how can u just let them run up on me like that MinorityPharaoh: lmao MinorityPharaoh: ff MinorityPharaoh: go next MinorityPharaoh: better hg wubs MinorityPharaoh: better jg wins MinorityPharaoh: i gank top burn my flash for rivens i guess solo que i shuolda know better MinorityPharaoh: camile legit let riven walked up on me MinorityPharaoh: when she had piro MinorityPharaoh: LOL MinorityPharaoh: man MinorityPharaoh: idgaf MinorityPharaoh: at this point MinorityPharaoh: pick xin MinorityPharaoh: for players MinorityPharaoh: in this elo MinorityPharaoh: acutral MinorityPharaoh: dog MinorityPharaoh: what a dog MinorityPharaoh: never said i was good MinorityPharaoh: ;p MinorityPharaoh: fullmuting MinorityPharaoh: all MinorityPharaoh: JUST LOOK AT THIS CAMILE LMFAO MinorityPharaoh: LOL MinorityPharaoh: LMAO MinorityPharaoh: lmao MinorityPharaoh: winnable MinorityPharaoh: when camiile had piro didnt help me with scuttle the game was over there MinorityPharaoh: better top wins MinorityPharaoh: plain simple MinorityPharaoh: i even pinged MinorityPharaoh: plerase MinorityPharaoh: help MinorityPharaoh: NOPE MinorityPharaoh: LMAO Post-Game MinorityPharaoh: LMAo this camile said MinorityPharaoh: if you dont listen to my pings why shuold i listen to yours MinorityPharaoh: lmao MinorityPharaoh: thats when i know MinorityPharaoh: this guy needs help MinorityPharaoh: lmao Game 3 In-Game MinorityPharaoh: i told u come MinorityPharaoh: but u dont want to listen MinorityPharaoh: ward botriver 1:20 MinorityPharaoh: ward pixel for me xerath MinorityPharaoh: gg MinorityPharaoh: nice MinorityPharaoh: NICE MinorityPharaoh: thats what i like to see MinorityPharaoh: open MinorityPharaoh: im out MinorityPharaoh: 15mins MinorityPharaoh: im out MinorityPharaoh: gj xerath MinorityPharaoh: we played it well MinorityPharaoh: unlucky MinorityPharaoh: cant wait for the attrox buff MinorityPharaoh: ikr MinorityPharaoh: my heart MinorityPharaoh: u can have my blue MinorityPharaoh: xerath MinorityPharaoh: <: MinorityPharaoh: kayle R? MinorityPharaoh: R no R MinorityPharaoh: my eyes MinorityPharaoh: dive MinorityPharaoh: that MinorityPharaoh: ops MinorityPharaoh: the shen is doing too much work MinorityPharaoh: game too stressful MinorityPharaoh: u guys losing MinorityPharaoh: 2v1 bot MinorityPharaoh: against jinx MinorityPharaoh: idk waht to say MinorityPharaoh: whats up with all those bot MinorityPharaoh: today MinorityPharaoh: like MinorityPharaoh: bots MinorityPharaoh: zero presure MinorityPharaoh: waiting to get carryed MinorityPharaoh: sry english not my first lang MinorityPharaoh: glad u can type MinorityPharaoh: but u cant play MinorityPharaoh: ;) MinorityPharaoh: k MinorityPharaoh: twitch MinorityPharaoh: u can win MinorityPharaoh: enxt game MinorityPharaoh: good luck MinorityPharaoh: next game twitch MinorityPharaoh: mabye u can win next game MinorityPharaoh: just not this one MinorityPharaoh: will do MinorityPharaoh: xd MinorityPharaoh: xd MinorityPharaoh: xd MinorityPharaoh: sorry guys twitch succesfully tilted me MinorityPharaoh: good luck MinorityPharaoh: next game MinorityPharaoh: vi is there MinorityPharaoh: :L
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