Do you think an ADC that does 1 auto every team fight should be banned

I just had the worst uncooperative team mate ever today, never thought i'd see the day where I'd cross some one so TROLL. Our adc from minute 24 to minute 35 did 3 auto attack on champion. And no its not cause the ADC always died before even being able to auto, simply troll. Tristana, one auto then W away...every fight.... when called out, says things like our mid is in another lane so i won't do more then one auto per fight.... i won't fight if we are not 5. Have I been trolled, or do we just have 2 different point of view on the situation. Watching the replay of the game feel horrible.... our cho gath is taking mid inhib turret the rest of my team is fighting in river mid 3v5 and trist is sitting under our inhib turret...she just wouldn't cooperate.. Is uncooperativeness bannable ?
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