9/11 insult or just general toxicity getting a higher level

Edit: I'm gonna redo my question of the poll . Should he Get punished ? I just want to say before this I am sorry for whoever lost someone during the 9/11 terrorist attack . So I just come back from a ridiculous match . picked sion on the last second against garen nothing too special . udyr ganks a few time and I asked why he was spammign the laugh emote if he was trying to get something out of it . then the teammate simply replies {{champion:136}} : Kys sion {{champion:14}} : Excuse me ? {{champion:136}} : You should have been in the twin towers {{champion:136}} : The world would be a better place without you breathing {{champion:14}} : I am in an out for words to be honest I am surprised you say that . let alone the day of the event. You sure you mean it ( from what I rememeber) {{champion:136}} : Yeah I wish the plane would have just obliterate your worthless carcass.
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