I just noticed that I got permanently banned from the game, because of my recent chat logs. I understand to 100% that I have made big mistakes which finally caused this ban. The reason why I open this thread is because I'm hoping to get fairly a last chance. I've been playing this game for years now and I had a lot of fun in it, learning new champions, winning games and making new friends. Sadly, I was acting like a fool in my last few games. I didn't play well and blamed my teammates, and I did not just tell them they're bad - I was spamming bad words like all the time and I'm not proud of it at all. I really regret my behaviour. All the great people I have in my riends list and the fact that I've already spent a lot money on the game (some people may say it's not that much but for me it really is) are making this ban really hard for me. I want to ask the riot team to unban me and keep an eye on me so you can give me a penalty if this should happen again. I would even accept a permanent chat ban because this may be the best opinion to avoid situations where I abuse the chat / get mad too fast. I really appreciate the work of Riot and I swear I will completely change my mind If you guys give me a last chance and unban my account. > I DON'T EXPECT AN UNBAN, I JUST HOPE FOR IT! > I PROMISE TO CHANGE AND FOCUS ON MYSELF IF I GET A FINAL CHANCE! oh and sorry for my bad english I hope you get what I meant to tell you <3
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