15 Day Suspension, What Happens Next - Questions Inside

Hey everyone, questions are towards the bottom. Just giving a bit of context to this post. It happened. Something I never thought would happen to me.. actually happened. I got a 15 day suspension. I may as well get it out of the way and post the dialog first. How embarrassing. Game 1 In-Game Yujiza: [All] Nice man Yujiza: [All] What is it? Yujiza: [All] Nice! ^_^ Yujiza: Shut up Yujiza: Eat a d--k f----t Yujiza: You Yujiza: Va chiez Yujiza: YHou too f----t Yujiza: YOu don't need to say shit like that Yujiza: Instead you feel compelled "like an adult" to talk shit Yujiza: Yeah okay Yujiza: Next time watch your teammate fight for about 5 more seconds Yujiza: maybne then you'll win the fight Yujiza: [All] Bait ward :( Yujiza: We went back in because of you Yujiza: Don't ping you're going in then don't. Yujiza: Ult was LONG over. Yujiza: [All] gg Yujiza: [All] hope you enjoy your new card. Yujiza: [All] it's all good, this jungler is awful, asking me if I can land hooks. Yujiza: [All] I rather lose than win with this ashshole. _NOTE; I added "-" to remove the foul language I used, and added "[All]" because it didn't copy-paste over for some reason. The words I used is another word for cigarette (not in a good way), and when your cellphone auto corrects the word to duck._ _______ I lost my cool. I let him get right under my skin and for whatever reason I decided to verbally fight back hard. Clearly it didn't pay off because I'm the fool who's suspended. This is much more serious than I thought—I got too comfortable. I subconsciously felt safe from any suspension because I never received a warning. I hardly do anything like this at all (probably less than 1% of my games). Even though there is no consistency, it doesn't excuse my stupid decision—even for a single game. I'll be apologizing to the player in question and teammates who had to endure us when I get back. If it's worth any context to what happened in game; a player made a negative comment about my hooks (playing Pyke), and I responded (like an idiot) rather than ignoring it. I didn't feed intentionally or anything like that, just responded whenever he said something to me. God I feel so freaking dumb. This freaking blows. Ugh. _______ Now that I got that out of the way and fully deserve any incoming condescending comments, I have a few questions. I tried to look around to find some answers, but there's no official link/FAQ I can find, and it's all otherwise outdated. Bare in mind, I ask these questions not to abuse or circumvent the system. **1. What are the suspension steps (ladder?) before your account is fully suspended?** _ - I was under the impression it was a warning, a few hours or day suspension, 2 weeks, and so on..._ **2. Is the suspension process automatic or checked by a human?** **3. Can this suspension be removed off my record after some time to avoid any possible automatic suspensions?** _- the example here is a toxic player reporting me for having a bad game, and the system flagging me due to being suspended before._ **4. Can I still get honor rewards back in the same season? How long does it take to unlock - does it take a huge amount of games/honor?** _- I won't get suspended ever again, but due to time, I can be limited to play this game sometimes. I would love the end of season rewards._ **5. When I come out of the suspension, can I still chat and play the game as normal or are there limitations?** **6. Is there even a slither (of the smallest kind) I can request for a secondary review?** _- I won't excuse my foolish decision, however curious if positive game play history has any merit._ **7. Was there a question I didn't ask where some more information would be important for my situation. ** **8. Have you been suspended before too? What tips have you used or created for yourself to avoid being foolish like I was?** _- I may as well make something positive out of this thread by asking this question. I never want to be suspended ever again. _ I really appreciate anyone who takes a bit of their time to respond to me. I feel utterly defeated and embarrassed. At least I can look forward to something here while I await the suspension to pass and move forward with a strong mind about this experience. Thanks again, Yujiza
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