Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.

**EDIT 3:** **I got an official response right after being in the pit of despair, and got unbanned! thank you all for your support and everything and stuff, i'm overflowing with joy!** **after all this i'm getting good or i'm gonna die trying, jeez this whole thing really scared me!** Hello, first of all i'd like to remark that i'm not a very good player, i'm Silver 5, and i'm trying to reach up my way to gold. I am most certainly not a toxic player, i don't report people for just playing bad, i also don't try to flame, but try and help people who fall behind. but i have been banned. I have been banned for Intentional feeding by, just having a bad KDA most certainly i must remark my last game as darius, which went horribly wrong. I ended up 0/14/1. And even more, i picked smite instead of ignite by mistake, truly one of those "real bad days". Even so i still tried my darnest to recover on the game and try ot be useful. But the team was toxic as hell, everyone was insulting each other (not just me), the ADC just out right left the game, and in short it was a complete free win. well, once the game was over, i kept playing, and i happily won my next game, so LP recovered. But when ending the match i got the "you have been suspended" message, it was horrifying, and i felt many things. I am genuinely trying to get to gold to get the victorious skin and other season rewards, and not only i have been suspended for 14 days, but now i wont be able to obtain anything and my honor was completely screwed! I'd like to beg here a bit, and ask for my suspension to be removed. you can check on my history my last games. you can also see my kda is rather bad. i don't have a lot of free time and whenever i do, i try to log in and play a bit, so im rather bad. i'm silver 5 after all but it's just unfair that because some toxic players report me i must be punished for a bad game! it's "intentional feeding" but it wasnt intentional at all! i never wanted to screw up with my teammates game! please, this must be a mistake! I try to keep my cool, im not a flamer, i am not toxic, i try to not insult and keep my cool. im not a really good player, i know, but I'm NOT a griefer who screws other people games for fun. here's a link for the match reason of being banned you can see i was the darius with smite, i know, it could be considered a troll pick, but i swear it was done by mistake. twitch went afk mid match and everyone, including me lost the lane anyway. i was trying to farm but every time i got dived and or killed by yasuo. i'm not a very good player, and i may not make the best choices when playing, but i wasnt feeding **intentionally **at all and here's my, which shows that despite my kda being generally bad, i TRY to win doing my best Please, i beg of you to review this case, i have my trust on Riot's Game fair sense of justice. Edit: adding my reform card, to prove this was the game and reason: ~~Edit 2: I recieved a reply yesterday, saying they were investigating the case, and the rioter who replied got added to the top right as the one who would handle my ticket.~~ ~~Today, this morning, it swapped to a different riotter, i thought nothing of it.~~ ~~This afternoon, well. now there's no one.~~ ~~The ticket won't get ignored right? Man i can't belive this is happening to me after a first offense going straight to 14 day ban...~~
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