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    Game 1:

    [0:17] Miss Fortune: send me the link
    [0:22] Miss Fortune: on my sei account
    [0:22] [All] Rakan: WOW I wish I could have a mirror match except draven told me "I wasn't his duo and he didn't want to give me the icon"
    [0:25] [All] Rakan: Love that shit
    [0:28] [All] Draven: lol :D
    [0:28] Miss Fortune: the grey icon one
    [0:37] [All] Darius: Who goes top
    [0:40] [All] Draven: feels bad not to have friends
    [0:42] [All] Rakan: get some friends
    [0:45] [All] Draven: lmfao
    [0:46] [All] Rakan: I mean I have them.
    [0:48] [All] Xayah: Or
    [0:49] [All] Draven: honored
    [0:50] [All] Xayah: A job
    [0:56] [All] Xayah: Either works wonders
    [0:58] [All] Rakan: This is why I hate blind pick. I'll stick to banning them in draft.
    [0:59] [All] Draven: respect to that bot <3
    [1:14] [All] Xayah: You're the worst kind of guy ;w;
    [1:27] [All] Rakan: It's ok. He'll get what he deserves.
    [1:29] [All] Rakan: <3
    [1:36] [All] Xayah: And here I was thinking you might get this pussay
    [5:11] Draven: worth she lost a bunch of cs
    [5:15] Draven: and now its pushing towards me
    [6:15] Rakan: Well alright then passive it is
    [6:27] Draven: easyy
    [6:29] Draven: life
    [6:36] [All] Draven: coming bot?
    [6:36] Miss Fortune: not much i can do about that lol
    [6:41] Rakan: Fair enough
    [6:46] Miss Fortune: so stop taking cs
    [6:49] [All] Xayah: Always coming for you bae ;)
    [6:50] Rakan: I took 3
    [6:54] Miss Fortune: idgf
    [7:02] Rakan: Yeah I'm done with blind
    [7:04] Rakan: Get more idiots
    [7:07] Miss Fortune: GOOD
    [7:14] Miss Fortune: i'm glad to see that
    [9:04] [All] Draven: props for the
    [9:07] [All] Draven: flash
    [9:18] [All] Draven: bw report our troll support
    [9:25] [All] Rakan: Oh no don't give me that
    [9:34] [All] Rakan: Pre game lobby from you and MF letting me die
    [9:40] [All] Rakan: So I returned the favor
    [9:45] [All] Draven: XD
    [9:48] [All] Xayah: I'll give you whatever bae ;)
    [10:02] Teemo: sup what u doing?
    [10:17] Rakan: Supporting another lane
    [10:31] Draven: i dont think he likes u there
    [10:56] Miss Fortune: why are you down here
    [11:03] Teemo: y he come top
    [12:59] Draven: so
    [13:04] Draven: can we please report our support
    [13:06] Draven: im doing his work
    [13:07] Draven: and mine
    [13:27] Rakan: For what exactly? Not dealing with your bullshit?
    [13:32] Draven: lol
    [13:40] Rakan: I'm happy doing my thing
    [13:48] Teemo: sup u r sharing my exp
    [13:50] Miss Fortune: i mean technically
    [13:53] Miss Fortune: you're the one at fault here
    [14:00] Rakan: Not really.
    [14:05] Teemo: sure!
    [14:09] Draven: well we reporting u anyways
    [14:10] Miss Fortune: so now you're making problems for teemo lol
    [14:15] Rakan: That's fine
    [14:18] Rakan: Report me if you want
    [14:26] Draven: amking teemo lose exp
    [14:44] Teemo: really suck
    [14:45] Rakan: Except I helped him push a tower
    [14:56] Teemo: i dont need u
    [18:07] Draven: yo graves
    [18:12] Draven: i need this
    [18:23] Graves: what
    [18:31] Graves: oh
    [18:42] Graves: i guess temoo can help u
    [20:31] Draven: worth
    [20:34] Draven: gj graves
    [23:44] Draven: stay with me
    [25:20] [All] Draven: can we trade supports lol
    [25:36] [All] Draven: can we please
    [26:35] Draven: this is over
    [26:57] [All] Rakan: Tyler1 is that you?
    [27:05] [All] Draven: he was banned
    [27:10] [All] Draven: and i doubt hell play in ur elo
    [27:12] [All] Draven: XD
    [27:15] [All] Draven: but u can dream
    [27:22] [All] Rakan: Toxic draven check
    [27:42] [All] Draven: Gg
    [27:48] [All] Xin Zhao: gg
    [27:50] [All] Rakan: gg

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