Toxic remarks.

Maybe this situation is only valid on the EUNE server because toxicity seems more prevalent there, but honestly... this is ridiculous.... Almost every other game there are people throwing very passive aggressive remarks and pings, saying stupid shit like "GG EZ", telling people to sell skins, telling people that their fucking mothers should get cancer, and I am constantly reporting these people. Even if they don't drag this kind of behavior on throughout the rest of the game. The thing... I never get "someone you reported has been punished" notifications anymore... and it feels SO frustrating that a fucking toxic duo that told me to sell my skin and kill myself is most likely still running around all jolly. The punishment system NEEDS to be more harsh. I am tired of just being forced to mute and report people. I am tired of having to mute everyone in the game and just blocking out potential nice players just so i can actually play the game in peace. The game is SOOOOO incredibly toxic. It is way too much. I know it's a competitive game blah blah blah but this kind of crap needs to be dealt with an iron hand. Why can't I know whether the specific person who told my mother to get cancer has been punished or not?! Toxic duos that band together to bully a player should get even harsher punishments! They should not be allowed to duo for a period of time for their behavior. Players with less punishments, higher honor, and less reports need to be queued with eachother. There NEEDS to be a crackdown on false reporting. Way too many times I see people going "Everyone report x for "feeding" (aka playing bad)". How is this in any way acceptable? If a player reports someone and it turns out THEY were the toxic ones they need to get punished and notified that they were punished for their own report! There needs to be some sort of warning banner set on players that have been recently punished, similar to an honor banner. Now I am a firm believer in rehabilitation before punishment, but this is a bloody online game we can't depend on rehabilitation when all the toxic players are behind a bloody screen. There needs to be HARSH punishments for these kind of players, they should be made to be ashamed of their behavior. I have been toxic before and I thoroughly believe that at that time, I definitely deserved some sort of punishment. And I need to ask, why in the hell is mastery flashing encouraged???? Riot condemns BM like "gg ez" but mastery flashing is okay?! It's annoying enough to die as vel koz to some slippery ass yasuo but for him to stand on your corpse and flash his mastery? How in the hell is that productive in anyway. Speaking of "gg ez", there needs to be a bigger crackdown for this. If smth like "gg ez" is detected in a report they should immediately be chat restricted. Sometimes losing sucks, especially in this stomping meta where getting back is hilariously hard already. And nothing is worse than being salty about a loss only for some asshole to go "gg ez xddd". Im sorry for my angry tone but im sick of this. So many online games have terrible communities because the regulation isnt strict and harsh enough. I love league of legends, but I dont want to have to bloody mute everyone just so I can have a peaceful game. I have met some lovely, nice players that I wouldnt have met if I just muted everyone; so I don't want have to deal with this tomfoolery. Please. More regulation.
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