So, I had a game with a super friendly feeder

Basically, a Tryndamere got camped and everyone was flaming him for doing poorly, saying that he should uninstall, get cancer, etc. Anyways, it got bad enough to the point where our mid, adc and jg were all flaming him, not taking into consideration that he got camped into oblivion. I thought he was gonna troll us or flame back, but nope, he kept apologizing and trying his best, even splitting and taking like three turrets and a drake. We lost the game not because of him, but because our midlaner got caught. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I appreciate it when I get super friendly players like that Trynda, who try their best even when things aren't looking too hot. Thought a bit of positivity could brighten everyone's day ^-^
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