So I know I'm gonna get downvote nuked to hell and back for this but

I agree with almost everything Riot and Riot's employees have done with regards to the recent controversy. Videogame culture is a toxic cesspool of misogyny, and the industry is hardly better. I'm sure riot is as aware as I am that the response on the boards and on Reddit has more to do with the type of player that tends to populate the boards/Reddit or is willing to go dig them up to comment on a situation on this than an actual reflection of the beliefs of the playerbase as a whole, and that taking steps to combat the rampant misogyny in-game, in the community, and in the industry would be the right thing to do _even if_ the entire damn playerbase yelled at them for it. It's gotten to the point where I'm almost embarrassed to say I play league, what with the overall aesthetic of the in-game art, the well earned reputation of the playerbase, and the culture of thecompetitive gaming community as a whole. Again, I know the boards are gonna tear me several new ones for this, but it has to be said. I'm fucking tired of only seeing the most unpleasant, loudest voices chase everyone out of the room, and I'll say my piece even if they do everything they can to make me regret it.
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