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Aight so It's been about 6 months or so without me having a single negative mark against my account or any such things, I had been slowly recovering from a 2 week ban earlier last year and I had literally just reached checkpoint 2/3 for honor 1 about 2 weeks or so ago. So all in all i stopped playing the game because it's literal dogshit, but I just logged in today to see I have received a 10 game chat restriction. I'm just laughing at this point because of how EASILY it is to get chat restricted. I was hoping id be honor 2 by the end of this month but I guess that shit's out the window. To riot, I hope your company dies and goes bankrupt. I've lost all hope for this fucking company over the 7 years I've stuck around. Game 1 In-Game Łμst: hardstuck where?> Łμst: season starts on the 19th Łμst: Didnt even watch Łμst: i missed 1 :( Łμst: like cmon Łμst: bye Łμst: dont come in my jfg Łμst: what abt them Łμst: all lanes are so extended i cant gank xd Łμst: BOT Łμst: please stay bot Łμst: until you get tower Łμst: me Łμst: I had to move camera Łμst: I wasnt in frames to mouse twoards him Łμst: and it threw it there Łμst: what lead?? Łμst: no one but mid pushed towers Łμst: next we need to rotate to top tower Łμst: sad when jg cant even clear their own shit for their own gold Łμst: I dont fucking care Łμst: ITS GOLD Łμst: MY GOLD Łμst: DONT FUCKING TAKE IT Łμst: ITS ANNOYING Łμst: EVERY FUCKING GAME (this was the 5th time this game that someone on my team had taken a jungle camp, any jungle mains know how slow jg respawn is and how bad it is to lose gold such a scuttle or blue/red because your team wants it instead) Łμst: I do nothing but play the game for my team than they stomp all over me Łμst: It is Łμst: scuttle is mine Łμst: youre stupid as fuck dude Łμst: muted Łμst: win on your own Łμst: Kayn is a fucking joke Łμst: You do nothing Łμst: Main something with a high skill cap Łμst: says the bitch playing nothing but broken shit Łμst: You cant even win with it either Łμst: Im not trolling Łμst: Im not playing wiht talon :) Łμst: nah Łμst: I won my last game Łμst: Ill win this one too Łμst: just not by playing around talon Łμst: LMAO Łμst: why'd you run back in Łμst: LMFAO Łμst: when the assassin cant assassinate Łμst: if talon cant kill one person we will continue to lose every fight Łμst: What do you want me to do? Łμst: Run from the ornn who's diving me towers and still full hp? Łμst: Tips my dude Łμst: Dont call someone bad then not give them tips on what TO do Post-Game Łμst: *look for a less petty reason to int says the guy with one less death than me* (our support had 14 deaths this game and no one said a word) (I even tell the dude to give me tips and not flame me but apparently that's flaming and I'm toxic aye) Game 2 In-Game Łμst: can ya ward my blue Łμst: no Łμst: starting blue stealing reds Łμst: wp Łμst: let me Q to you bro Łμst: Youre freekills later game tho Łμst: Cant out run him Łμst: start learning how to side step Łμst: then it wont be lame Łμst: no more ganks for bot Łμst: yeah if i had a bot lane Łμst: Both are literallyt sitting in the bush next to me and they stood there.. Łμst: I dont gank to go in alone Łμst: You got lucky and almost died Łμst: wtf is your pathing Łμst: you stand still; when she throws shit at you (our support was literally inting) Łμst: KEEP MOVING Łμst: NEVER stand Łμst: sona and cait need to be bot farming Łμst: ima stick with chocho and ekko Łμst: those shut downs are needed Łμst: The fact bot fed her so hard is absurd... Łμst: She deals 1/4 my hp per spell Łμst: lol and sion inted and is literally diving our team tower Łμst: what a fun and balanced game Łμst: gg Łμst: lol (they were at our nexus but people respawned in time to save it) Łμst: ashe stun lasted the time her CD's were Łμst: lux was literally able to kill me before I could move Łμst: even after just using all her spells Łμst: You either have an ashe or someone to back you up always Łμst: The fact ashe's ult lasted like 3 full seconds Łμst: YOu did none of that Łμst: vnm Łμst: lol Łμst: before i could move AGAIN Łμst: Becasue you can play safe in your backline while your team engages Łμst: no need for QSS if you side step her shit Łμst: its so slow Łμst: its a long range burstmage thing Łμst: not a lux thing Łμst: \I had 4k gold to recall on... Łμst: i needed that before fighting Łμst: why'd yall keep going in once you saw the recall Łμst: I cant fight them dude Łμst: They killed you as a tank Łμst: you can see me be Łμst: There's a HUGE animation you see Łμst: I wasnt in the fight Łμst: i was backing the whole time after lux died Łμst: thats what aoe mages do to me Łμst: I cant do anything about it Łμst: This sona doesnt know what a side step is or how to not stop moving Łμst: she stands still each time you throw a Q Łμst: Right and left Łμst: not back and forth sona Łμst: Bot fed too hard we have no bot at all Łμst: They continue to make the same plays on us becasue they're now so far ahead Łμst: not even CHO who we got 3 kills early with can do shit Łμst: Thats called inting Łμst: yeah this bot is something else (ours) Post-Game Łμst: cho ekko and I had such a good lead early game Łμst: Then bot throws it all away Łμst: Good shit Łμst: What Łμst: How often sona just sad there Łμst: I cant say much aboutt hat Łμst: Once my bot feeds continuously Łμst: What am i suppose to do about it Łμst: You had multiple long range mages and even sioin was walking under our tower being 6/11 Łμst: Nah Łμst: Not when I saw sona couldnt get ahead Łμst: Win conditions only matter when your lane can compete with the competition Łμst: If you guys have 10 deaths combined at 10 min Łμst: Thats what I just said Łμst: Win conditions Łμst: It was over with a sona and cait who did nothing all game but farm Łμst: We cant shut you down Łμst: You do understand this game is solely based off gold Łμst: Once you get more gold than the other Łμst: Then you tend to lose fights Łμst: cuz items are how damage and stats are aquired Łμst: Sona reepeadly came up and tried to aggressivly fight you when she clearly couldnt compete I probably got chat restricted for communicating too much. Oh well, Just ranting

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