I join the 0.006% of people who have been permanently banned

Hello, and before all the comments come through saying "next time follow the summoners code" thank you for saying that because you're an angel and never had an argument in chat before. Below I have posted the nail in the coffin being the last game before I got banned. Do I understand why I got banned? kinda Do I understand why I got perm banned? absolutely not. _**I'm not here to cry about it, but I'm just letting everyone know, be careful out there.**_ I lost an 8-year-old account, with $1500 spent, and a ton of limited time skins, and it honestly sucks. I already submitted a ticket and got denied, so don't bother posting that either. I would also recommend not buying skins, being banned is too easy, and it's a horrible feeling seeing it all disappear. Game 1 Napora: lol no Napora: ill 2 shot bard and ori Napora: lol? Napora: muted Napora: sion is legit just sitting under turret Napora: just afking Napora: then takes cs if I die or back Napora: if you could report sion that'd be great Napora: sion is trolling me, so sorry for dying 3 times Napora: you haven't seen what he's doing Napora: he afks under the tower, only comes to the lane when I'm not there to steal farm and push Napora: I did mute him Napora: long ago Napora: how is that gonna make him not troll Napora: I am playing Napora: no help for me Napora: no help for you Napora: sion isn't in lane Napora: see what I mean Napora: ill back and he will come Napora: and take all the farm Napora: you are moronic if you think that Napora: look at my match history Napora: 16-4 last 20 Napora: all lanes stomped Napora: yeah I'm the problem Napora: oh look Napora: sion is in lane Napora: cause I backed Napora: quick Napora: push it Napora: get all the cs Napora: now I'm back Napora: bye sion Napora: but I'm delusional right Napora: sorry i had to 1v2 lane Napora: yeah report me for>? Napora: 1v2ing lane? Napora: good one amumu Napora: did you also miss the part where he was talking shit to me Napora: report me idc Napora: how the fuck Napora: am I throwing Napora: you are seriously trolling me Napora: me irelia have the best win rates in here and you 3 talk the most shit Napora: I never gave up Napora: they trolled me by leaving me alone Napora: 45% wr amumu Napora: why should I help a team who talk shit Napora: and doesnt help; Game 2 Napora: thresh idk if you noticed their runes, but they cannot sustain at all lmfao Napora: we just poke them down and they can back or die Napora: so bad jesus Napora: wtf why Napora: if you're going to pick stupid Napora: at least don't fuck it up Napora: why Napora: are you throwing Napora: good lord you guys Napora: not overextending with no turret Napora: that's how you feed Napora: like wtf Napora: voli has been bot Napora: and zigs Napora: bitch at them not me Napora: report tf and ww after Napora: 16 deaths Napora: i cant report tf for feeding and ww for neg attitude Napora: 11+5 Napora: 16 deaths between them Napora: are you really argueing with me Napora: ww isn't trying Napora: and tf is running down mid Napora: muted Napora: that's not winnable Napora: leave thresh Napora: dying for a cloud zzzz Napora: wow Napora: gg

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