Here are the chat logs of the 2 games I was chat banned for

So I contacted RIOT and asked them if they show me the chat logs that got me chat banned. I don't know if I can take a screenshot and then show you guys if I can please let me know otherwise I will just copy and paste the entire message from RIOT Support. REDEDGE November 9th 2018, 1:38:49 am Seeing as you are honor level 1 checkpoint 3 it is still possible for you to reach honor level 2 by end of season, however, it is unlikely given the fact that there is only a little over 4 days left in the season. I know that this is tough to hear, and I wish I could guarantee your honor progression for you, but I am unable to. However, I do want to set you up for success here and I have some honor climbing tips: Even if no one on your team honors you after the game, you will still gain a little bit of honor towards your progression as long as you didn't show any negativity in your game. This entire process can be sped up if you are showing high amounts of positivity and sportsmanship in all of your games. This way, the other players will be more likely to honor you after your games. You will get the most amount of honor towards your progression if you were the most honored on your team (3+ honors) and if all 5 players on your team (including yourself) honor another player. On top of this, since all matchmade games are treated the same in terms of honor, I would highly recommend that you play shorter matchmade games like ARAM and Co.op Vs AI to quicken your honor climb. Unfortunately I will not be able to send you copies of the other players' chat from your games in order to respect their privacy, however I am attaching a copy of your chat logs that lead to your chat restriction: [1:22] Ashe: if you get a bomb on you, run into our minions it will cause them to be pushed [4:10] Ashe: calm down... [5:06] Ashe: all you have to do is avoid the bombs, i was attacking and hitting them with my W dont blame me [5:36] Ashe: muting Draven, i literally just played with a draven adc and we crushed it, you're just greedy [6:16] Ashe: thats two kindred ganks [7:36] Ashe: Draven just runs balls deep into MF and Zil then blames me for not doing something [12:33] Ashe: just go afk you suck [13:42] Ashe: no, if he's going to sit here and bash me while he's running into EVERY BOMB EVER [25:31] [All] Ashe: cuz ashe pushed you into those zilean bombs or made you tower dive MF [30:12] Ashe: you tried to pull a draven [30:34] Ashe: cant fix when someone just dives into their tower [30:46] Ashe: says the one with EIGHT deaths [31:35] Ashe: yea i shoulda just put you in my mouth and pulled you out of those Zilean bombs, OH WAIT [32:02] Ashe: No the fact that Jax and Corki are carrying and they arent focusing you has allowed you to ks [32:15] Ashe: You are a garbage player [34:17] Ashe: i dont even care anymore [34:25] Ashe: the only reason i havent left is because of Jax [34:54] Ashe: everytime i say something Corki defends you and your tower diving skillset but keeps his mouth shut as you attack me [35:07] Ashe: Vi pops off with "but you're support ashe" while I am doing my job with Slows, dmg and stuns [35:43] Ashe: and it works, IF the adc doesnt play like a moron [35:59] Ashe: Actually i do have support items, ive been warding. The BC is for armor reduction for the team [36:06] Ashe: the witts end is for MR reduction...for the team [36:14] Ashe: but hey you just keep spouting off your trash Vi [36:27] Ashe: The new meta is you can be anyone support derp [37:11] Ashe: actually of all the times ive done it ive not had 1 group complain, except this one and wouldnt you know? its the one with the [37:19] Ashe: draven running into towers at lvl 2 [39:45] [All] Ashe: i wanted to point more fury towards me [39:59] [All] Ashe: draven cant dodge a bomb to save his life, it HAS to be my fault [40:15] [All] Ashe: i would, except Jax is decent [40:29] [All] Ashe: I wish you guys would group, because i refuse to help the other 4 [40:38] Ashe: well 3 [40:40] [All] Ashe: well 3 [41:05] [All] Ashe: Corki feels the need to defend ANY comment i say to draven, yet Draven slings insults left right and center and he stays quiet [42:19] Ashe: not helping you draven [42:22] Ashe: get over it [42:49] [All] Ashe: group up you guys you can win [42:58] [All] Ashe: draven keeps talkin [43:46] Ashe: fail [49:29] Ashe: gg jax [2018-09-21 23:53:33 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: no you didnt when i said draven ran into zilean bombs you told me to stop flaming [2018-09-21 23:53:35 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: you know you did [2018-09-21 23:53:57 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: and rather than telling draven to shut up you just kept letting him insult me [2018-09-21 23:54:08 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: i did my job, i got towers and inhibs, i ultied but i wasnt helping him [2018-09-21 23:54:24 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: You are garbage Draven, get over it [1:08] Zilean: i max E first (after i get q & w) [1:24] Zilean: yea but more for the slow [1:27] Zilean: thats a 99% slow [5:05] Zilean: is DLDD a big group or something? [5:33] Zilean: im just pretty sure ive seen that tag before [7:57] [All] Zilean: wtf is going on with you guys? are you two fighting? [8:18] [All] Zilean: why was he chasing you around with my bomb on his head? [9:55] Zilean: just try to last hit ez [10:02] Zilean: you are getting farther ahead in cs [11:02] [All] Zilean: thats what? the 10th fail gank? [11:13] [All] Zilean: i mean seriously just tell us you're coming [12:01] Zilean: gj [19:21] Zilean: care [23:29] [All] Zilean: ty come again [24:13] Zilean: we need udyr in fights, but he's raging it seems [26:06] Zilean: sorry ez, i had literally just used it on hec [28:01] [All] Zilean: lol hec focusing in the support is why you guys are losing btw [28:28] Zilean: was that our fault too udyr? [31:40] Zilean: Shut up [31:50] Zilean: you're 1/6 get good [32:04] Zilean: Akali came in after me, peel her or shut up [32:25] Zilean: get good, muted [36:30] Zilean: i died for you ez bb [36:49] Zilean: yea im watching Akali, she wants you [39:47] Zilean: anyone want? [40:25] [All] Zilean: plz report this udyr [2018-09-18 20:34:26 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: This Hec is about to have a really bad day [2018-09-18 21:18:59 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: how are you the jungler and you have 1 assist and 1 kill... [2018-09-18 21:19:08 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: like seriously as the jungler your job is to get assists or kills [2018-09-18 21:19:26 PDT] Bad Ol Putty Tat: You've been reported by atleast 4 people. Enjoy the ban If you have any new questions for me or would like help with a different issue please let me know as I am here to help! RedEdge Riot Games Player Support "We will prevail on the fields of justice!" I know there is someone on here that wants me to think about my "victims" but I don't think they were victims. That first game I was playing Ashe support which is actually viable just off-meta. The Draven kept running into Zileans bombs to grab his axes and then got mad at me because I didn't save him... he would flame me and then his duo would also flame me but never once said anything to him. Anyways, I do want to point out that I agree that I should've just shut my mouth but I really don't see anything I said as just so bad that I deserved to lose my rewards. This was the only chat ban I received the entire season. As far as that game #2....seriously? I was being nice to everyone except the Udyr who refused to group and just fed. I was telling Ez that I jumped into the fray to save him. I even apologized to him for not using my Slow (or speed in this case) on him because I just used it on Hec. Anyways, Just wanted to get some opinions.
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