Why is racism and homophobia not an instant punishment? (in game)

I make a point to report people every time they say the "N word" (racism word) or the "F word" (homophobia word) regardless of context, because those words are **_NEVER_** okay in **_ANY_** context. Most of the time they won't get punished. Why is there not a zero tolerance for such things? One game of saying that one word once, and you should instantly be escalated up a punishment tier (10 game chat restrict if never punished before). Why does it take multiple games of racism to see a punishment? It's literally the **_EASIEST_** thing for your automated program to catch, because certain words are **_NEVER_** okay in any context, so the context doesn't matter. http://i.imgur.com/q6IF47i.png[/img]
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