Nightblue3 got a teemo support off meta banned. - why nightblue is right

If you dont know. The drama now is about how nightblue got a "teemo support off meta style" banned. What the teemo play er did is not off meta. Its trolling because of this one thing - when doing things like this (changing your lane) you need your team to agree. All you have to do to get proof of this is what happened with the singed player like 3 years ago. Riot said that when you do these things you need to ask your team if they're ok with that. Taking your mid laner xp/ putting them behind is not acceptable. especially when the mid laner (and all of the other lanes do not agree) It dosent only put your mid laner behind but probably your adc as well (or any other lane). Your team did not agree to you playing this dont play it. Its that simple. Thats against the rules. (This play style)

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