Is there anything i can do to unban my account?

Ever since my ban i have quit video games because i streamed league and i was realizing how toxic my mentality was. I have taken over a year and a half off video games and i joined the military. I needed to mature and better my mindset. I was hoping to request a chance to get my account back maybe. I had spent a lot of money on skins and i feel ashamed to lose it because i was a child and toxic to everyone. It's hard to climb back to thirty while being in the field often for training. I heard that riot was doing a post for requesting to unban perma banned accounts but i must have missed it while i was away from gaming. I completely understand if this request isn't possible but if there is anything i can do to be able to play ranked again i would gladly do it. Either a trial or anything you guys have in mind. If it's not doable i understand thank you for your time!
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