I ask for some clarity in this matter.

I chose to write this in Player Behavior as opposed to General Discussion because for me this is a matter of behavior issues as compared to the rest. Almost everyone as this point has caught wind of the Roaming Teemo Support and Nightblue getting him a 14-day suspension for his playstyle. While I could discuss the intricacies of the pick where off-meta ends and trolling begins, that isn't my main issue about this. What I want to understand from a Riot employee is how they can actively defend Nightblue in his actions while damning someone else. Again, whether or not the punishment for the Teemo player is justified or not is not object of this topic. Nightblue, during a stream where hundreds of people on Twitch were watching him, decided to go AFK Mid-game, file in a report ticket or messages a Riot employee directly or something of the likes, without coming back and actually trying to play and win the game. We are talking about actual high elo, Master, and 3 people went afk in that game. Nightblue, in a behavior fitting for an 8 year old, wrote a hate comment over a player because he didn't like the way that person played, and got him suspended, in front of thousands of Twitch viewers, while he got off scot free. Streamers are supposed to be role models, how is that behavior befitting of a role model, Riot? How can three people going afk in a high elo ranked game go unpunished while a single person playing unconventional gets suspended? The post made on the League subreddit got closed off within minutes of its posting because "posts directly attacking a person must be factually correct and unbiased". How was a video directly showing Nightblue's behavior biased or factually wrong? On his Twitter, Nightblue called all those who defended the actions of the Teemo player "brain damaged". How can you defend a public face of League of Legends this way, Riot? It doesn't surprise me that your company is getting meme'd on day after day for the past 8 years when you show behavior like that. In short, I just want an answer as to why Nightblue is allowed to behave the way he did, in front of an audience as a role model, in a high elo ranked game, without getting punished.
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