Most unfair perma ban ever?

My account got perma banned after this 1 game. Here are the chat logs: Game 1 Jnulthor: hard to follow i see Jnulthor: and bot cant ping Jnulthor: no f Jnulthor: ff Jnulthor: firoa bronze 5 Jnulthor: nop. but now im afk Jnulthor: bronze 5 pre bot Jnulthor: never ping Jnulthor: only flame Jnulthor: and spam ping Jnulthor: im done Jnulthor: typical premades Jnulthor: how so? Jnulthor: youll regret that comment :) Jnulthor: gonnna be 1-20 Jnulthor: soon Jnulthor: dw Jnulthor: and while youre at it report bot for flaming Jnulthor: same? Jnulthor: i didnt say anything kiddo :) Jnulthor: just like you then Jnulthor: i suppose Jnulthor: Xd Jnulthor: just like you then Jnulthor: only 10 times better Jnulthor: your english Jnulthor: is so bad lol Jnulthor: great map awareness Jnulthor: GGWP
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