Its Not Flame

So, this is an important thing I thing some people need to realize and play according to. When you play ranked, you are playing to win. Fun is secondary. Winning is the fun. If you don't want a strictly competitive experience, GET OUT OF RANKED. The important notice here is, is that when you are failing to do what you need to do. When you're 0/4 at 16 minutes. When you have let mid die while farming your raptors as kayn when you obviously could have come, you need to understand something: Me telling you "Get off your camp and come cover me mid so I can complete the reset, get plates, and back" isn't flame. Its 12 minutes, you're down 2 levels and died 3 times. The 30 seconds you would need to just come sit in the bush isn't better spent keeping your camp timers line up. You aren't gonna power farm up into it. We don't have the resources to funnel into you to make what you're doing work. The "Stop telling me how to play my champion" or "Don't tell me what to do" attitude needs to get out of ranked. We're here to win. If what it takes to win is unfun to you, too fucking bad, should have played normals, shouldn't have inted level 4 to the WW at crab. If you play vi top, and want to go full damage cool. If you're literally dying on cooldown to the fiora lane matchup, telling you "Stop trying to get triforce, go cleaver iceborn." isn't flame. There isn't enough gold on the map for you to continue that stupid fucking build. If you want to try and force that stupid NB3 SRO crap, go play normals. Go have fun, somewhere else, because you are actively sabotaging the game when you continue to try and force a strategy that has failed. Not failing, not likely to fail, some strategies have failure conditions. Being 0/4 at 16 minutes to Fiora is a failure condition for full damage vi top. When you have failed, telling you to change tactics is not flame. Refusing to change tactics is gameplay sabotage.
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