Did I Really Deserve this chat ban?

This is the support ticket I sent to riot, I know that probably they're not gonna reconsider, but I figured that I'd try, but does it really seem fair that I got a chat ban here? I didn't even complain that the people literally flaming and trolling me didn't get banned. ELEMENTRESSX May 6th 2019, 9:44:14 pm Game 1 Pre-Game ElementressX: and they were ROOMATES ElementressX: xd In-Game ElementressX: uhuh ElementressX: shut up irelia ElementressX: and play ElementressX: okay ElementressX: kalista ElementressX: wtf ElementressX: did you take my red ElementressX: dude seriously ElementressX: if u take my red again i go afk ElementressX: imma mute u now irelia ElementressX: useless ElementressX: so fun to play when team is trolling me ElementressX: pls rep irelia and kali ElementressX: flame and trol ElementressX: bc u are trolling me ElementressX: so ElementressX: if u steal my camps and my kills i feed ElementressX: thats just how it goes ElementressX: and your friend irelia is 1/8 so dont be flaming me ElementressX: you call me r%%%%%ed ElementressX: i report you ElementressX: i never did anything wrong to you ElementressX: u jsut took my red and my kill and then u call me toxic ElementressX: i also have 500 ms ElementressX: so ElementressX: r%%%%% again ElementressX: definitely repo ElementressX: im not even mad anymore lol ElementressX: its not ranked ElementressX: take all my kils ElementressX: take all my camps ElementressX: i dont care anymore lol ElementressX: gg Post-Game ElementressX: report leona kalista and irelia pls ElementressX: troll and flame First point: I know my words were harsh but, told Irelia to "shut up and play," because she was 1/2 and already asking us to surrender as soon as the 15 minute mark hit. Second point: I was annoyed that Kalista took my red buff, because I am learning Yi, and it I know that I have to farm as him a lot, so losing a whole red buff was a sore point for me. I would not have afked, even though the Irelia said she wanted me to, because I have played with trolls before and honestly I'm used to it at this point, I just wanted to try make sure she wouldn't steal my other one. I also had a premade in the game, and I never leave my premades hanging if it is within my power. Third point: I know the term useless is a bit harsh, but understand I was upset because she would not stop flaming me and griefing, going to lane and dying to an Akali 3 levels above her and blaming me for not helping. Fourth point: By saying "If you steal my camps I feed," I didn't mean I would int, I had less deaths than Irelia at that point. I just meant that if you don't let me get my farm, especially against a constantly invading Warwick that was fed off of lanes, then I would obviously die quite a bit, especially because I am still new at Yi. Fifth point: I said "u call me r%%%%%ed," and "r%%%%% again," because the Leona was calling me a r%%%%%. Then she called me a r%%%%% again. So I was telling her that by calling me a r%%%%% twice, I was going to report her for verbal abuse. Sixth point: I said "take all my kils, take all my camps, I don't care anymore," because the support intentionally took a kill, then replied with an xd, and I was kind of upset, but decided that it really didn't matter, and we were surrendering as well, so I really did not care. Hopefully with these points, you could reconsider my chat ban, as this is the first chat ban I have received in my League of Legends career, I don't think I was toxic enough to be warranted this ban, but I suppose if you still believe that I deserved this, then so be it, I will take the 10 games and learn to mute all as soon as I go in game.
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