RIOT!! Remove my Honor Status and We'll call it Even!

For all of you that do not know, RIOT GAMES hit me with a 10 game chat ban 3 months ago. As a result, I lashed out ingame, and received a 20 game chat ban AFTER I cleared the 10. I cleared the 20, about 90 days ago. Now, what a lot of you guys DON'T know... is they reset your honor to level 2 ( I had level 4) after that first offense. Then after the 20 game ban, I was sent to HONOR LEVEL ZERO: DISHONORABLE. So I decided to change things. I muted all the players to avoid their sarcastic "baits", and strove to just get a win. I ended up with over 6 team-wide HONORS after game, and 70%+ single or more honors after each game. YET.... after 90 days(with no reports to my knowledge)...yet..... I STILL have level 0 HONOR (DISHONORABLE). RIOT... how can you ever stand for anything honorable, when you don't give your "casual" players a chance to win back their standing!?? You seriously need to look at your programming because it is intensely flawed.
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