Adding an "Apologize" Feature

I would like to propose a suggestion that I think would be really nice for the game. I think I speak for many players - but not all - when I say that we tend to get heated during games and say things we don't necessarily mean. We forget that on the other side there is an actual, real person and what you say in game could very well hurt his or her feelings. In these situations, I think it would be very nice if after the game, I, as a player, could with a simple button-click send the other player an apology message - either a standard, automatic message or a customizable one. Oftentimes, in the lobby, players don't stick around very often and leave quick so you don't have a chance to apologize then. Currently, players would have to add that player as a friend and then send him or her a message, apologizing for their behavior towards him or her in game. This is bit of a lengthy process that could be made simpler with a convenient "apology" feature. I would very much appreciate if this feature could be considered. Thank you. ____________________________________________________________________________________ **FAQ:** **1) What is the purpose behind the proposed "apology" feature?** _It is to allow individuals, who behaved poorly in-game, to own up to their mistakes and acknowledge their poor behavior through an apology to the player(s) they may have mistreated. _ **2) What will this do to eliminate toxic behavior among players? ** _The "apology" feature should serve as a self-monitoring system for players and to track and correct their toxic behaviors. _ **3) How can we be sure this feature would not be used inappropriately to further demean players?** _It is a "one-click, one message" system. As soon as the apology message is delivered, no further messages can be sent, unless the player is added as a friend and he or she accepts the request._ **4) How many apology messages can I send?** _An apology message would be able to be submitted only once to each participant of that particular game, including teammates and opposing players. _ **5) Can't you just apologize in the post-game lobby?** _The chat box in the post-game lobby is for all participants of the game to use. The "apology" feature would ideally allow private, personalizable messages to be sent to the player(s) against whom inappropriate behavior was shown. _ **6) Why not just add the player as a friend and then apologize?** _This is assuming the player accepts the friend request. A decision to not accept the request means that an apology message cannot be sent to him or her. _ **7) Won't an auto-generated apology be considered insincere?** _An option would be available to deliver the apology as a free-text message or by using a template form._ **8) Won't players take advantage of the free-text option to send bitter, insulting messages?** _Again, only one message would be able to be sent to each participant using the "apology" feature. If that message happens to be a negative one, the player will have the opportunity to report the sender._
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