Punished? Here's How This Board Can (or Can't) Help.

#Things This Board CAN Do: * Help you understand what behavior got you punished. * Help you understand why you got the punishment you did. * Help you understand how the system works. * Help you find techniques that may help you avoid punishment in the future. * Help you determine whether or not a ban was possibly an error. * Help you understand why Riot has the policies it does. * Help you decide if you should contact Player Support about your case. * Hold reasonable discussion on the system, why it works the way it does, and how it could be improved. * Hold reasonable discussion on Riot's rules and how they could be improved, under the understanding that Riot is within their right to make rules if they so choose. ------------------- #Things This Board CAN'T Do: * Overturn a punishment. * Get someone punished (no naming & shaming other players, please). * Change the punishment system. * Ensure you a response from a Rioter. * Override a Player Support decision. * Help you if you are not willing to consider that your behavior may have been toxic and that changing it might be appropriate. * Hold discussions where the individuals involved are not willing to accept that Riot is allowed to dictate behavioral rules on their private servers.
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