PSA : FACT : Context is completely Irrelevant You are 100% Responsible for own Actions/ speech

EDIT : Since there has been some "confusion" regarding my title I will put the full "title" of this post below. Full Length Title ___________ Context is completely Irrelevant when using it to defend or justify any and all types of negative behavior or reacting to negative behavior or any and all personal grievances in game. You are 100% Responsible for own Actions and speech . You cannot blame said actions and /or speech in whole or in part on the game,competitiveness, or other players when you get punished for any negative behavior RIOT deems to be against their code of conduct in the context of the situations specifically discussed in this first post. ___________________ Here let me put it a different way ** Warning this is going to be a VERRRYYYY veryyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyy veryyyy long post ** Tl/DR FACT :There is no justification at ANYTIME to "react , respond or Defend yourself " None zero it simply does not exist. So lets begin here are our players ....... I have created the ultimate worst case scenario match situation to definitively prove Context is completely irrelevant when Riot starts handing out punishments ___________________ Player one is on promo in ranked (this applies to ANY rank) and ends up in a game with Player 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 Player 1 is our subject and is Acd For this example player 2 and 3 commit no legitimate reportable offenses and completely act and play within riots guidelines. Player 2 is top picks a non meta choice of Gragas for this example player 2 does not do that well and loses lane but it was not intentional and completely playing with in the rules but also does not speak in chat and does not does not away listen to pings but does ping general stuff. Player 3 is mid and picks non meta Sona . They do better than player one but also does not speak in chat and seem to go also where they personalty think they are needed instead of always answering pings, Neither of these picks are "trolling" or a reportable offence as stated by riot >WookieeCookie (NA) - 8 months ago >Q: Can I get banned for choosing a champion or strategy that is outside the current meta? >A: 100% no. Choosing a champion or strategy outside of the current meta is not a factor we take into account when reviewing accounts. Player 4 and 5 however commit actual legitimate offenses Player 4 is supposed to be support but actually is a legitimate intentional feeder who just feeds the enemy ACD and other enemies ending up with 50 deaths at the end but does not say a word in chat , Player 5 is jungle just verbally abuses everyone on the team non stop including player 1 _____________________________________ Player 1 - simply calls for a general report of 2 and 3 and says reporting them for trolling "bad play" and non communication. Which in this case is reportable in itself as this is both negative attitude verbal abuse and as stated above in this example 2 and 3 did not actually do anything wrong. also non communication is not even reportable also as stated by Riot . >Riot Tantram (NA) - 2 years ago >A report flags a game for review. They do not establish guilt. The game is then reviewed for harassment, feeding, etc. This is why 'troll reporting' or 'gang reporting' do not work. False or inaccurate reports are thrown out. >You cannot ever be punished for saying nothing . unless of course it's for something gameplay related like feeding, afking or cheating. But, you can never be punished for offensive language, hate speech or verbal abuse if you said nothing. Player 1 then flames player 4 for feeding and ruing their promo -- also reportable Player 5 then starts calling player 1 every name in the book and telling them what a bad player they are and that they should uninstall because they are so bad. So Player 1 fights back and starts an argument with player 5 trying to refused what they are saying and start saying that hey are good and player 5 is bad. The game ends in a loss _______________________________ Player 1 gets reported by player 3 for negative attitude and verbal abuse which flags their account When the case is reviewed it states they are punished for verbal abuse negative attitude based solely on their reactionary response to players 2, 3,4,5 Even though player 1 reported player 2 and 3 and had their account flagged nothing happens as the report was false. Even if you get reported by 1000000 players if all of them are false by RIOTS standards nothing will happen Player 4 gets reported and In this case Riot deems the report valid intentional feeding and punishes player 4 Player 5 is reported for verbal abuse and gets punished. As you can see none of the cases 'needed' each other in order to be validated, If Player one just ignored everything they didnt like that was happening nothing would have happened to them The ONLY reason Player one got punished was they Reacted. If they had said nothing and just played the game like 2 and 3 the ONLY ones to get punished would have been 4 and 5. Which proves that Player one only has themselves to blame . IT DOES NOT MATTER that they didn't like the champs 2 and 3 picked or that they didn't follow player 1 game plan IT DOES NOT MATTER - that player 4 was a legitimate intentional feeder IT DOES NOT MATTER - that player 5 called them names and said they were bad ** Player one had no right or justification to responded to any of it according to Riots rules** Therefore the REASONS player one acted the way they did DO NOT MATTER which makes the _** CONTEXT COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT**_ when determining punishment FACT Player 1 is just as toxic as player 4 and 5 and deserves equal punishment So players 1 ,4 and 5 all are completely justified punishments Just ignored it yes that might have resulted i s a match loss even some lp loss / promo loss that still does not justify anything its just video game not life or death As for players blaming punishable speech and/or actions on other players - that is also inherently wrong There is no such thing as being baited. You cannot use that as an excuse. YOU ( the player) control and are responsible for your own actions speech. No matter what anyone does or says in game no matter how bad if YOU choose to respond to it in any way the YOU rightly deserve to be punished as well. Also running into someone like player 2,3 who don't play meta or take "ranked" as seriously as some . and 1 ,4,5 who are generally toxic and /or intentionally try to is a risk that you take when you join solo que instead of making a pre-made so again it If you can't handle all those factors and you keep joining solo que you and your own choices are the problem You cant shift the blame for YOUR displeasure on to other players / the game or RIOT when you keep choosing to play with random people Also if you want a "serious team" if you want team that plays like their lives depend on it . If you want to play meta if you want to have a coordinated team that communicates the way a pre made or pro team does. Again simple solution stop playing with random people if it s stressing you out To put it a different way - Why would you keep touching a hot pot handle if you know it hurts when you do? That is how illogical you are being if you keep join solo que and are surprised if there is a feeder or afk or someone is "bad" , playing off meta or anything else you don't like that is "ruining your experience" The problem is the Player making the choice to join solo que You keep grabbing the hot pot handle and blaming the handle for being hot because you think you should not have to use an oven glove ( play with premades instead) and the handle ( solo que players) should conform to your wishes.
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