Does this count as griefing/trolling?

Basically I was duoing with my friends smurf (he's the same rank as me on his main), but he just wanted to play on his smurf in order to grind it to silver) during my promos and they, being a toplane/jungle main who pretty much never plays any ranged champions, decides to play Ap Ashe ADC. The Ashe then feeds their ass off but refused to swap lanes with anyone and kept charging in, fighting, and dying roughly every two minutes. They ended the game with a 0/10/7 score. My question is: does this count as trolling? The Ashe spent the entire game telling me in voice chat that it technically doesn't because feeding and picking unconventionally isn't the same thing as trolling.... And the fact that it's in my promos and he's done similiar, but less outright fucking trolly things to me before is totally not related. So is his argument right? Or is it complete bs.
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