Toxic community?

So i just recently got to summoner level 30 and was having some fun playing unranked and stuff with people who were of an equal skill before i got to 30. Now i just played a game mere minutes ago, my first ranked game ever on lol. I had heard how toxic the lower elo players can be. So i went in as Annie mid. Long story short, i basically have a terrible game against a Talon i think was smurfing (not entirely sure) and i got absolutely slandered by my teammates. Got called a retard. Got called dumb. Got reported at least three times and got a barrage of further abuse, most of which i won't share due to it being fairly mainstream stuff. My point is however, that i came out of this game pretty much wanting to quit the game solely based on the toxic community this game has and the unforgiving nature the community and Riot seems to have towards greeting new players. I can't even queue unranked now because i get matched with people who are clearly way better than i am and you even get people who flame in unranked. So can anyone help me try and stay on the game? I really want to stay because i love the game and i want to get better at it, but most of the people give me no confidence whatsoever and seem to attack newer players. I haven't met a single teammate or opponent who has helped me in any way to learn the game or get better at it.
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