So, im new, and everyone hates me for it.

I think that this is a really big problem with league. I am new to this game and am only level 13. I like Nunu, hes fun and can be played a lot of places. Anyway, so I hit level 13 and wanted to try out klepto Nunu. I thought that it might be good because you w in aa and then run away or e and then aa when rooted. I wanted to play it top but I got filled to the jungle position. I mean i thought it was gonna be fine and all because I do play him jungle. So in Pre-Game chat (sorry i do not know how to get chat logs) I said i wanted to try a new rune, and everyone was ok with it. When we logged on everyone immediately started flaming me for trying klepto. Everything was fine until bot lane started getting heated. Bot lane picked a Kai'sa Taric into Draven Gragas. They started flaming that Gragas supp was stupid and that i should come gank. I was saying that Kai'sa needs time to do damage and Draven doesnt, but they werent listening. They were pushed up to turret and then they dove them and killed Kai'sa for first blood. She started yelling at me for not ganking a no cc no damage lane, which I did not think was true. I tried to gank after and they just ran from me, so I stopped trying. Anyway, throughout the game I was trying to defend myself against this Kai'sa about my "toxic feeding". Taric joined in too, and then it moved to all chat. Soon 7 people were yelling at me in all chat. I muted them but I knew they were all still doing it. I was ganking top and mid and counterganking but the laning phase was over fast when Draven got first tower. Anyway, the game went on and on. I stole baron but still got flamed for it. Soon it was a base race as me and a friendly Ryze. I had 6k hp and was pretty dang tanky. Kai'sa had picked up nearly a full build as was finally doing damage. All the while though, every free second, they were flaming me. Asking about my rank and such. I kept saying i was new and level 13 but they didnt care. We won because Me and Ryze fended off a Kayn Draven and inting Sion from our base. Afterward, I got a A+ and I think Kai'sa got an A-. She was asking about my rank again and so was everyone else. I was saying again that i was level 13. They said that "no, you have been playing for years, but your probably still bronze" and such. Kai'sa was bragging that her other account was plat. I reported them all but still, I mean that was a fine game for me. I did fine, but it was one of the worst games Ive ever played. They were just so toxic and condescending it was really bad game overall. Maybe Rito could find a way to fix this? like putting new players and multiple account players separate? Idk I just dislike the toxicity toward new players.
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